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Which freeze faster salt water or tap water?

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Pure water freezes faster than water with impurities. If tap water has a lesser concentration of impurities than salt water the tap water will freeze faster. Some municipalities who have petroleum products in the tap water will likely freeze after the salt water.

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It doesn't. Tap water freezes faster than salt water.

Fresh water freezes faster than salt water, yes.

Tap water would freeze faster but salt water would allow the waters freezing point to be lowered.

Sugar water freezes faster than salt water. However, regular tap water will freeze faster than either salt, or sugar water.

Plain Tap water would freeze fastest.Adding salt or sugar to tap water will cause a depression/decrease in freezing point. Hence it will be harder to freeze the tap salt or sugar water.

Tap Water because adding substances to the water (salt or sugar) reduce the rate at which water will form ice crystals, making it freeze at a lower temperature.

Salt water freezes at a lower temp than fresh, meaning colder. It may freeze faster when chilled enough be cause the salt would disrupt the plateo of the water so it may freeze faster.

Tap water would freeze faster. That's the reason road crews apply salt to streets in the winter time. The salt water keeps the roads in a liquid state down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Tap water is more like freezing rain. It freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

tap water boils faster than salt water

its because tap water has diffrent liquids in it that make it freeze faster then pepper water.

No, it isn't faster, tap water freezes just at the same temperature as tap water

tap water will freeze first because tap water has less chemicals than the other two kinds of waters. Also the sugar and salt will deacrese the freezing point

Tap water will freeze faster because when you add sugar(or any kind of substance) it lowers the freezing point of the water.

no tap water freezes quicker.

Tap water evaporates faster because slat water has salt in it and is a hard substance to break down.

Tap water freezes faster than purified water. The impurities in tap water help the water to freeze at a faster rate than purified and natural water.

The nail will rust faster in salt water.

because the salt sucks in the water faster. because the salt sucks in the water faster. because the salt sucks in the water faster.

It doesnt. salt water usually rusts metals faster because of the mixture of salt, water and oxygen that rusts the metal, but tap water has less oxygen and no salt.

Distilled Water freezes first at 0 Degrees C, the others freeze at -0.5 to -9 degrees C

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