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Which full size van is a better bet ninety three ford or ninety seven dodge?

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This is just an opinion and I may be biased since I own an 1998 Econoline. The Econonline is the best choice. Look around at which vehicle is used for fleets the most. Which vehicle is used for ambulances, campers, work vans etc the most? This usually means they are reliable and cheap to maintain. The only problem I've had with my van is the brakes, not for function, but for noise. I just replace the front brake pads every couple of years myself and they are fine. This is practically free since I do it myself and I used lifetime waranty brakes the first time and just keep using the free replacements that the company provides. I also had to replace the rear brake cylinder for one of the wheels. These things are like $13 and I only had to remove the wheel, remove 2 bolts and disconnect the brake line to replace it. These things are easy to reapair and the parts are dirt cheap. I think Ford has fixed this problem with the newer vans.

2007-01-07 22:07:15
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