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first thing to see if its a fuse is push the button and if you hear a click on the driver side right behind the drivers seat, if you hear them click then its something to do with the motor or harness.

Also a problem i had when i first picked up my 88 4runner was i guess it would be the coil, the thing with the black cover on the window motor assembly, the cover had come loose and was stuck to the coil so i just replaced the cover and everything was cool, most recently a problem that i still haven't fixed is the harness is caught somewhere so it will get stretched out causes a break somewhere along the line when i move the window up or down, so to get that to go up and down i have to pull on the harness, which is on the driver side right up in the rear corner, which gets it back to the right place and sometimes i need somebody else to push the button inside while i move it around to the right place, i love toyotas.

The fuse box is labeled what each one is for. Look for windows or doors. If you find it and change the fuse but the window still doesn't work then you probably need to change the power window motor inside the door panel. There is also a fuse box under the hood that you can check but more than likely it will be the fuse box inside the car. Good luck, Jean

First make sure that the "child lock" safety button is not depressed on the drivers armrest. This locks the window in the rear doors and the tailgate window. I thought my tailgate window was stuck untuil I found that the rear windows were also not working.

It might not be a fuse at all. if the top is removed make sure to replace all the bolts, or at least look on the drivers side behind the side panels where the top bolts secure it. there is a pin switch which needs to be tripped by securing the top bolts when replacing the top. if the correct bolt is not replaced the window will not operate in any direction. I bought my '88 4runner being told the motor was bad and all it was was the top replaced with onlt a few bolts and this one was missed. It is the bolt right next to the roll bar on the driverside

more infothe rear window control panel is inside the tailgate just behind the left-rear quarter panel, remove the various bits of trim including i think the overhead rear light console and the leftrear tool pocket, in fact the control unit is just rearward of this tool pocket. Anyway there are two relays in there which are big culprits in the misfiring of the rear window. They can be sourced but that takes hours of googling. Also a help is to lubricate the window runners by dropping the tailgate and removing the trim panel. To get at the runners you need to lift the window which is something you cant normally do with the door down. Fool the system by clicking the 2 latches manually and then have someone support the glass as it comes out when the button is pressed to close the window. now clean and then lube (using PTFE grease ideally if poss) the window runners and also the various moving parts of the window regulator. The poor rear window problem is never only down to one reason, its either stripped teeth in the motor, dirt and dust in the runners, dirty glass, badly seated/sealing rubbers, generally old and failing wiring, failing contact points, failing relays in the control unit and one which is the cheapest fix of all - the window lock button beside the gearstick may have been pressed by your kids! HeadlineI recently had the same problem. After checking all of the above, I took the car to the dealer who found that the switch in the tailgate was bad. Fortunately this is a relatively cheap part, but difficult to get to if the window in broken in the down position. Also, if you have a rear wiper, there is an interface built in to the circuit that tells the wiper that the window is up and allows the wiper to work and window NOT to go down. Shake the wiper and force it to the home position (rest) while some one is actuating the switch.
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Q: Which fuse do you change in a 1988 Toyota 4Runner if the rear window will not roll down or up?
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