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The IOD fuse it is located under the hood in the PDC(Power Distribution Center)usually next to the battery.

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Q: Which fuse do you need to replace if the interior lights and radio and power door locks are no longer receiving power?
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The turn signal and the hazard lights each have their own relay. Sounds like you have to replace both relays.

What to do or replace if the interior lights and radio and power door locks are no longer receiving power on a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 1995?

first and foremost I always purchase a haynes or chilton shop/repair manual for my vehical. they will really help you through alot of difficulties. check your fuses for all of the components your not getting power to. make certain to replace with specified rateings. then your going to want to start your search for the short or surge that caused those fuses to blow. good luck don't get frustrared.

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A few sparks were noted when trying to replace burned out trunk light bulb later noted that interior lights radio clock and remote key entry no longer work Checked fuses and saw no breaks Problem is?

The problem is you had the lights on while you were replacing the bulb and briefly shorted out the circuit. Most likely it's a fuse, but you need to find out where it is. Many vehicles have multiple fuse panels. I don't know much about a Kia, so I can't help you there.

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