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Which fuse is for the dash lights on a 93 Eclipse?

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There should be a fuse diagram in the owner/service manual for this car under the capacities or diagram section. Look up "fuses" in the index. This diagram should show exactly the one in question. _also if you removed the stock stereo your lights may not work due to the fact that your lights run trough it_ -aojedam

2009-04-12 00:37:43
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No dash lights or tail lights on 93 Honda civic where can i get drawing that shows what fuse goes to what?

Where is the fuse for the parking lights on a 93 gt mustang?

Should be under the driver side dash.

When Headlights come on dash and taillights do not on my 93 chev truck?

Check your fuse for tail lights. I think the dash and tail lights are on the same fuse so you know when your tail lights don't work. Might have a short or an open in that circuit.

Where is the fuse box for a 93 Dodge Shadow the dash board light and brake lights are out?

the fuse box will be under the dash and i do beleave there is also a fuse box under the hood hope this helps

What would cause the dash and tail lights go out on a 93 Chevy fullsize blazer?

might be a fuse

Where is the fuse for the fog lights on a 93 ford ranger?

The fuse for the fog lights in a 1993 Ford Ranger is located in the fuse box. The fuse box is located under the hood, or under the driver side dash board.

Dash lights wont work on a 93 s15 jimmy sle fuse is good digital dash?

Be sure the dash light dimmer switch is not turned off.

93 ford ranger no high beam indicator but all headlights work ok and dash bulb is ok?

First, check the fuse box and replace the fuse for the indicator lights. If the lights still do not work then replace the dash bulb itself.

How do you replace dash lights on 93 4 Runner?

The dash lights on a 93 Toyota 4Runner are replaced by removing the dash trim and panels. When the dash internals are exposed, the individual bulbs can then be replaced.

Why dont the dash lights work on your 93 explorer the fuse is good?

If the fuses are good then it's probably the headlight switch. There is a setting that turns the dash lights off, check and make sure someone hasn't been turning your knob.

Why would a 93 Bonneville dash stop working?

If you mean the lights, it's probably just the headlight switch itself, which can be rotated to adjust the brightness of the dash lights. Turn it back and forth to see if the dash lights wake up. If you mean the dash electronics altogether, that'd be wiring.. probably a ground - get a schematic and get to it. check ur fusebox..fuse might be blown

Why are your dash board lights and interior lights not working on your 93 Ford Taurus?

check your fuses

How do you fix the radio in a 93 Saturn when the dash lights come on but the LCD screen does not?

on my 1996 Saturn it was a blown fuse under my hood my headlights worked, but the lcd light or my back lights on my car didnt work.

Find fuse for radio in a 93 infinity?

In fuse panel under lower dash panel cover.

What is the ctsy fuse on my 93 Chevy truck?

The ctsy fuse is for your courtesy lights. These include your dome lights, vanity mirror lights, and any other small misc. lights in your truck.

Dash lights not working on 93 acclaim?

you mean the engine still runs?

Can't get instrument lights to work on a 93 Honda Civic not fuse took dash off and wiggled wires Can't believe all those bulbs could be burned out?

Blown fuse? Bad rheostat dimmer switch?

Why would tail lights head light buzzer and dash lights quit at the same time on 93 GMC k2500?

There has been a power failure to these lights. Check for loose wiring at the battery, a bad fuseable link, or blown fuse to start the troubleshooting process.

93 eclipse speaker size?

6 1/2 in the back and front doors 4'' on the dash

93 civic dx fuse for panel lights and tail lights?

its under ur steering column and the fuze is a ten,

Dash lights and tail tight inop on 93 suburban but the brake and turn signals work its not the fuse under the dash?

A short in the tail light circuit. Brake and turn are on another circuit. Dash light power is fed from the tail light fuse to the dimmer switch and on to the dash lights. Look for a short in the tail light wiring circuit. Also check the license plate light for a short as it is on the tail light circuit also. Had a car with blown fuse, traced the circuit for tail lights and found nothing. Jumped the fuse and burned out the wiring to the tail lights. Come to find out, the short was in the license plate light. Also a bad headlight switch can cause this. Both tail light circuit and headlight circuit go through the switch. Contacts for the tail lights may be bad (defective switch common).

Your dash lights have gone out on your 93 Aerostar and the fuses are ok?

Check your tail lights to see if they are working. Some car makers tie the dash lights to the tail lights as a way to warn you the tail lights are out. Alternately, your head light control dimmer has gone bad.

Your dash board light turn and off 93 ford explorer 4x4?

It seems like you have a problem with the fuse for your dashboard. Locate the fuse and switch it for a new fuse.

Where is the fuse box located on a 93 topaz?

The fuse box for a 93 topaz is located under the dash board on the drivers side just beneath the switch for the headlights (you have to look under the dashboard to find it)

My 93 Toyota Camry has a light on the dash that comes on and its a car with back lights i need to know what that is.?