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Which fuse is for the speedometer lights for a 99 ford contour?



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Or Use A 12 Volt Test Light And Check All The Fuses In The Box Until You Find The One That Does Not Light Up Your Test Light. While The Fuse Is In The Fuse Block, One Spade Of The Fuse Contacts The 12 Volt Power Side From The Battery, While The Other Spade Of Your Fuse Completes The Circuit Going To The Part Or Bulb Or The Dash Lights. If You Test One Side Of The Fuse And It Lights, Test The Other Side, it Should Light. If It Does Not Light On One Side That Means Your Fuse Is Blown. Lighting On One Side means You have Power To The Fuse, But To Complete The Circuit The Fuse Has To Pass The Power On To The Wire It Is Connected To. So If Both Terminals Do Not Light "BLOWN FUSE".