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I believe the owners manual say it is #104, in the fuse panel that is next to the battery. My power seat will not operate and I looked in the book several hours ago. I still cannot figure out how to open the fuse box to test the fuse. Greg Also make sure you haven't lost the ground to the seat switch. It is the black wire coming from the seat switch assembly. It goes to a terminal (g-200) in the left kick panel. The reason I say this is the Windstar must have close to 50 ground points in the control system. Losing one will cause a group of devices to stop working. I suggest getting a set of wiring diagrams if you are going to work on this vehicle. It is VERY complex. I got mine for next to nothing on-line. At least now my confusion is organized. Carl

2009-01-08 19:05:28
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Where is the constant control relay module on a 96 ford windstar 3.8?

Its beside the rad. on the drivers side

Where is the AC relay or fuse for 1995 3.8 Windstar?

They are between the battery and firewall under hood on on drivers side.

Where is the air flow relay in 2000 Ford truck windstar?

where is air flow relay on 2000 ford windstar

Where is the cooling fan relay located on a 1996 windstar?

The cooling fan relay on a 1996 Windstar is on the fender wall next to the battery. It is part of a group of relay switches in this area.

Where is the Renault 1.9 dci diesel electric fuel lift pump relay?

The electric fuel lift pump relay switch, on your root no 1.9 diesel engine, can be found on the firewall of the engine compartment. The relay switch is on the drivers side of the firewall.

Ford econoline flashers work but no turn signals?

Defective Flasher Relay, replace it. One relay operates the Hazard Lights and the other operates the turn signals. Be sure and replace the correct one.Defective Flasher Relay, replace it. One relay operates the Hazard Lights and the other operates the turn signals. Be sure and replace the correct one.

Where is the electric window relay for Volkswagen passat 98?

behind the dash, located behine the fuses on the drivers side

Abs relay location on a 2000 ford windstar?

The 2000 Ford Windstar ABS relay switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The relay switch will be on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

Where is the electric lock fuse on a 1998 Ford Explorer sport?

On a 1998 Ford Explorer , fuse # 18 , 25 amp , is for the drivers unlock relay , all unlock relay , and all lock relay

What is causing the electric door locks on the front doors of an 2003 Ford Windstar stop working and how can you fix them?

Check the door relay and wiring on the Windstar. Check the fuses under the dash, and in the under the hood distribution box as well.

Is there a relay to the computer system my windstar started shutting down on me and nothing was wrong with the alternator or the battery but it was if someone was shutting the electric systems down?

Yes, There is a CPU relay under the hood in a fuse panel. I am not sure of the exact label of the relay but it should be large and black.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1999 Ford Windstar?

On a 1999 Ford Windstar : ( relay # 207 is the fuel pump relay ) In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the front of your engine compartment , near the battery

Where can you find the relay switch for the electric fuel pump 1999 ford windstar?

www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides The owners manual has the diagram for the power distribution box in your engine compartment and will show where the electric fuel pump relay is located in the PD BOX

Where is a electric fan relay switch located on a 1992 Chrysler Lebaron 3.0?

It should be located on the drivers side fender well.

99 ford windstar abs relay location?

It is important to know where the fuses and relays are in a vehicle. The ABS relay in a 99 Ford Windstar is located in a fuse box under the hood.

What is overvoltage relay?

a relay that operates wen the voltage exceeds a particular set value is called over voltage relay

Where is the relay switch for the front electric windows on a peugeot 306 xsi?

back of fuce box under drivers side its a pain too get too

Where is the electric fan relay located in a Ford Contour?

it is located under the hood on the drivers side next to the battery. its the one marked #2 and is 60amps.

What is instantaneous over current relay?

Instantaneous over current relay, which operates very fast with no intentional time delay and the operating time of these relay can be as low as 0.01sec . These relay operates only when the impedance between the relay and the source zsis very small compared to the impedance to the impedance of the protected section zl .

Where Can the relay that operates the power windows power door locks on a 1982 Toyota Cressida be found The drivers manual does not explain and a haynes guide can not be found?


Where is the fuel pump relay located on a Ford Windstar van?

in the gas tank

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 88' Ford Thunderbird?

the relay is in the trunk on the drivers side in front of the tail light the relay is in the trunk on the drivers side in front of the tail light

Where is the starter relay on the 1995 Ford Windstar?

It's actually on the starter, and it's the small cylinder attached to it. Windstar starters have a dual-purpose solenoid that not only engages the starter gear with the flywheel, but also acts as the starter relay.

Where is the horn and relay for a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

well the horn is in front of the grill and radiator on the drivers side it is a black disk and the relay is int the engine compartament on the drivers side in relay/fusebox

In a 2000 vw jetta which relay operates the ac compressor?

how to fined the ac compressor relay on a 2000 vw jetta