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Which galaxy is the smallest?

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We can't tell since there is billions of them.

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What is the smallest galaxy to the largest galaxy universe solar system?

Smallest to largest: solar system; galaxy; universe.

What is the smallest galaxy in the universe?

The Galaxy Wilman 1 is estimated to have only about 500,000 stars making it the smallest galaxy in the universe,or at least eh smallest we can observe from earth.

What is the smallest Samsung Galaxy?

samsung pocket and samsung y are the smallest galaxy on the market by far

Which is the smallest universe galaxy solar system?

`Solar system` is the smallest. then `Galaxy`, then `Universe` is the largest.

What is the smallest the galaxy star or planet?

Of the three items listed, a galaxy, a star or a planet, a planet is the smallest.

Which is the smallest galaxy?

we donno.

What is the smallest word in the galaxy?


What is the smallest galaxy nearest to the milky way galaxy?

Smallest and nearest are two different criteria. See related questions.

Is the Milky Way Galaxy the smallest galaxy in the universe?

No. The Milky Way is a relatively large galaxy.

Which object is the smallest the solar system or the galaxy?

The solar system is the smallest

Which is smallest galaxy or star?

A star - especially as a galaxy is formed of billions of stars.

Largest to smallest filament galaxy planet or star?

Filament > galaxy > star > planet

Is mars the smallest galaxy in the Local Group?

Mars is not a galaxy! It is a planet in our solar system.

Is the Milky Way galaxy the smallest known galaxy?

No. In fact, it is one of the largest we know of.

What is the order from smallest to largest of the universe galaxy galaxy cluster sun and solar system?

SunSolar SystemGalaxyGalaxy clusterUniverse

Largest to smallest between the universe galaxy planet and star?

Universe -> galaxy -> star -> planet

Is the milky way galaxy the smallest out of all of the galaxies?


Which is the largest and smallest galaxy?

See related questions.

Place these from largest to smallest galaxy universe Sun Moon Earth Solar System?

Largest to smallest: Universe, galaxy, solar system, sun, Earth and moon.

Smallest to largest galaxy moon solar system universe?

Moon, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe

Which is biggest out of the solar system space or galaxy?

In order from smallest to largest: Solar System, Galaxy, and Space.

What is largest universe solar system or galaxy?

In order from largest to smallest.... Universe - Galaxy - Solar System.

What is the order of size from smallest to largest for solar system and universe and galaxy?

The order of size from the smallest to the largest is asteroids and moon, planet, star, solar system, galaxy, universe.

Galaxy types from largest to smallest type?

It doesn't really work that way. The types aren't exactly related to size, but rather to shapes. Dwarf galaxies of course are the smallest; but other than that, a spiral galaxy can come in different sizes; so can an irregular galaxy or an elliptical galaxy.

Smallest to largest in the universe?

Higgs Boson -> Galaxy Filaments.