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Which gangs have infiltrated Brighton Park?

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I live in Brighton Park, and I'm hoping the police take notice. The gang problem is worse now than ever, and it appears the area is in some kind of gang warfare at this time. The shame of it is that this area was a good, solid area until the Hispanic population infiltrated our streets. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Hispanic people, but some of their ways must change. For instance, kids shouldn't be allowed to run unsupervised morning, noon & night. That freedom allows them the ability to form friendships with older kids who see these kids out on their own, and next thing you know they're being told how their family doesn't care for them. Next thing you know, they're playing lookout, doing, buying & dealing for their supplier. Another hindrance is the language barrier. PEOPLE, you've got to learn the language so you know what your kids are talking about. Thisa doesn't mean that you can't celebrate the holidays according to tradition. It simply means you know the English language because youlove your kids and you want to keep them safe. We as parents, no matter our descent, MUST STAY ON OUR KIDS BACKS! Know what they are doing and when. Meet their friends parents. Check up on them. Do whatever you must to keep them on the right path! Now for some of the gangs: Two-Six, Mess Boys (a localized group), Latin Kings, Satan Disciples,and the Popes. and who knows what's going to happen this summer, but I can tell from what I've recently seen that this will be a bad summer.

2005-12-15 03:00:46
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Q: Which gangs have infiltrated Brighton Park?
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