Which gonads help release the hormone testosterone?

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Primarily the testicles; however, small amounts of testosterone are released from the adrenal glands.
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Can the use of testosterone by a male help sexual arousal?

Answer . usually testosterone is what makes men in general sexually active but if that in the rare event a male has gone off sex it could be due to low testosterone levels...maybe women that have higher testosterone levels are more sexually active also

Where can you get testosterone?

You can't get it over the counter. Go to your general practicioner. If your testosterone level is low they can put you on something like androgel, a topical that has testosterone in it. It gets absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream. If your doctor won't cooperate, go online to an ant ( Full Answer )

What is a gonad?

The Gonads are organs in animals that produce sex cells: ovaries in the female, testes in the male.

Do vitamins help hormone imbalance?

I just researched it myself. I found 2 vitamins (supplements) that were recommended as a best chice. Once is called Life Essence and the other one is One 'n' Only. Please read about them before purchasing.

What are the gonads?

Gonads are basically sex glands that are responsible for the secretion of Testosterone for males and estrogen and progesterone for females. .

What is the function of the hormone testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is considered an androgen or male sexual hormone (Chemical Formula: C19H28O2 ). In men it is produced by the testicles and: . Testosterone puts hair on a man's chest. . Testosterone helps build a man's muscles and deepens his voice. . Testosterone increases the ( Full Answer )

What are gonads and which are they?

Gonads is a slang term for testes. They concern the male reproductive organs. *UPDATED* although gonads are used commonly as a slang word for testes, the scientific meaning is the organ that creates gamates, which is found in both males and females. On a male this is the testes, and on the female ( Full Answer )

What is a testosterone?

A white crystalline steroid hormone, C 19 H 28 O 2 , produced primarily in the testes and responsible for the development and maintenance of male secondary sex characteristics. It is also produced synthetically for use in medical treatment.

How can I find a good doctor to give me hormones and testosterone I want to have a sex change.?

Most reputable doctors that are the least bit involved with this require that you follow the WPATH http://wpath.org/ Standards of care\nwhich say that you need to see a therapist first.\n. \nSo, your first step would be to find a gender therapist in your area.\n. \nAfter you have met and discussed ( Full Answer )

What is the hormone that helps you sleep?

Melatonin is a hormone our body produces that makes us sleepy. Stop using any electronics at least an hour before bed because the light from the gadgets makes your body stop producing melatonin therefore you won't feel the sleepy effects from the hormone.

What are testosterones?

If you want to get technical it is: steroid hormone secreted in the testes of males and the ovaries of females and It is the principal male sex hormone. What the FRENCH (cuz u can't say F****)does this have to do with the WWE??????????????????????

What is testosterone?

It is a chemical in the human body usually found in large quantities in the male body but is also found in the female body. Makes someone more masculine. It is a steroid hormone, more specifically and androgen.

Will taking testosterone help females lose weight?

yes and no, testosterone is very good at shedding unwanted fat, but also very good at adding muscle, and for women.. growing beards, enlarged clit, smaller breasts (since they are fat), hairy chest hairy ass receding hair line... so if you are a female please do not take it, and do not advise any ot ( Full Answer )

What is the hormone testosterone responsible for?

Several things actually but the main things are these: 1) makes a man's penis erect 2) kills pain to a point 3) causes a man to do/feel manly 4) causes a man to develop their physical traits

Hormones to help with pregnant mares?

The primary hormone used to maintain pregnancy in older mares is progesterone or the synthetic version of it, regumate/altrenogest. This product is used to great effect in preventing EOD (early embryonic death)and a subsequent return to heat due to prostiglandin release due to illness, injury, infl ( Full Answer )

What can testosterone do to you?

It gives you sexdrive, deeper voice, chest hair, facial hair and everything else that is typical male.

Do testosteron help you gain weight?

A boost in testosterone actually increases fat burning in the body, by supporting lean muscle. Increasing testosterone can aid in an increase of muscle mass (lbs).

How encreases the testosteron hormones?

A doctor have to decide if you are lacking first of all and then he will give you some extra. There are serious side effects with taking hormones so this should only be under medical supervision.

Which hormone stimulates the release of thyroid hormone?

thyroid hormone release is stimulated by thyroid stimulating hormone,which is released by adenohypophysis of pituitary gland .this in turn stimulated by thyroid releasing factor which is released by hypothalamus . in the presence of this thyroid stimulating hormone conversion of inactive iodine t ( Full Answer )

Where is the hormone hormone cortisol is released from?

Cortisol is a glucocorticoid hormone released from the adrenal glands (which are intimate to the top of your kidneys) in response to stress. Cortisol signals the release of sugar from the cells of the body in order to fuel the stress response. Chronic stress causes a condition of chronic cortisol re ( Full Answer )

How can you get testosterone?

Your body will naturally make it (for boys). if you need extra, legally you could see a doctor and get perscriptions, or you can use steroids.

Where can you get the testosterone hormone treatment?

Dr Donna Becker in San Antonio Texas treats patients with hormone issue. She is an awesome doctor and is very well informed on bio-identical hormones for men and women. She offers a free 15min consult that is one on one with the her.

Will a testosterone booster help your penis grow?

No, this is a myth. The size of your penis is related to the genes you inherited. No pills, potions, or so-called testosterone booster will change that. But it might be useful for you to not worry so much. While you may think only the length of your penis matters, the person who falls in love with y ( Full Answer )

What is testosteronism?

It is the suggestion that the mothers of autistic children have more androgenic hormones in their blood while incubating the fetus or the hypothesis that autistic traits are increased following prenatal exposure to abnormally high levels of testosterone caused by congenital adrenal hyperplasia

How can you improve your testosterone hormone?

I dont know, so i asked you. ******************************** Improve your testosterone in organic way: Maintain Ideal Body weight. Men WHO are obese or fat usually have low androgenic modify. For those men, losing the extra body weight will accomplish carry androgenic hormone (Testostero ( Full Answer )

What ias the difference between gonadal hormone and gonadotropin?

Gonadal hormones are those hormones that are actually released from the gonads (ex. estrogen, testosterone). Gonadotropins are hormones that CAUSE the release of gonadal hormones, gonadotropins are released from the anterior pituitary gland(tropin means "releasing" so gonadotropin is a gonad hormone ( Full Answer )

Which gland in the female body releases testosterone?

females dont produce much testosterone..thats guys..if they did, they would have deep voices and facial hair. girls produce estrogen which is kind of the same thing, but for girls...its produced by the ovaries

Has a testosterone booster helped anyone grow your penis?

That's the quesin I was looking for an answer for!I've been using testestrone booster for only two cycles , my penis has defently grown!I can prove that but I'm positive on the fact that it made my sex life way better!startng with erictile disfunction to premature ejaculation!I'm sure it has somethi ( Full Answer )

What do releasing hormones do?

Releasing hormones control secretion from the anterior pituitary. They travel in a capillary network associated with the hypothalamus.

Can you take testosterone hormones for erections?

Low testosterone is a VERY common cause of erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. A blood or saliva test will measure the available Testosterone and levels below 600 in men would be strong indicators for needing some more Testosterone. . There are several ways to get Testosterone help for str ( Full Answer )

What is the hormone that acts on the gonads?

There are a few hormones that act on the gonads and they aredifferent for both the male and female reproductive systems. In females, the gonads are the ovaries. The hormones include: . Estrogen - This promotes the production of secondary sexcharacteristics and sex drive. . Progesterone - This h ( Full Answer )

What are Gonads?

The Gonads are generically the organs that produce gametes that isthe testis in a man or an ovary in a woman. However, in the vernacular form the term is usually used to referto the male's organs.