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Which group wore the gray uniforms in the Civil War?


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The group who wore the gray uniforms were the Confederates from the south. The Union soldiers of the north wore the blue uniforms.


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In the US Civil War, the soldiers of the north wore a dark blue uniform, and the soldiers of the south wore gray uniforms. The war is still remembered in terms of blue vs. gray.

Confederate soilders wore gray or yellowish-brown uniforms.

During the Civil War, the Confederate soldiers wore gray uniforms. The Union solders wore blue uniforms. They were usually called by their uniform color. The uniforms were usually made of wool.

The confederates wore grey uniforms. Though shortage of uniforms often meant that some confederate soldiers wore clothes from home. Union uniforms were a dark blue.

In general, the Union forces had dark blue uniforms. The Confederate troops wore mostly gray. Both sides had units that wore uniforms that were of other colors.

they wore little gray and the shirts had buttons on.

Hi, If you are refffering to the civil war soldiers, the southern soldiers wore gray uniforms, the northern wore blue. Hope this helps. GRAY Grey

The Union soldiers wore blue uniforms while the Rebel soldiers wore gray.

The Confederates (south) wore gray and a color called Butternut, and the Union (north) wore a blue-gray more blue then gray type of uniform.

The Confederates wore gray uniforms.

Confederate soldiers wore gray frocks, pants. and shoes and the Union the same, but blue. :)

In the Civil War, people not involved in the military continued wearing the same clothing they wore before the war started. The northern solders wore uniforms died blue. However, some Zouave or National Guard units dressed in red or black uniforms. The Confederate solders started off with gray uniforms. As the war went on, they had more difficulty getting replacement uniforms. When their uniforms wore out, they wore anything they could get. When their shoes wore out and they could not find replacement shoes, they wrapped their feet in rags. Toward the end, both sides wore uniforms the color of dirt.

The North wore blue uniforms, the South wore grey uniforms.

They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.They wore their standard uniforms.

Most of the standard Federal uniforms were blue, but there were units that wore gray, green, black and even multicolored uniforms with balloon pants and red hats!

The Southern (Confederate) Army wore grey uniforms.

Officially, the North wore blue uniforms and the South wore gray. But it was a war of "amateurs", and many showed up for duty wearing everything from kilts to busbies

Soldiers wore uniforms during the civil war so that they would know who was the union and confederate.

Union- wore blue ( Yankees ) Confederate- gray/red

The Union wore dark blue uniforms and the Confederates used butternut or grey

The Union soldiers wore blue and the Confederates wore gray

In the US Civil War, the Union (North) Army usually wore blue. The South wore Grey but often they didn't have official uniforms.

The confederate soldiers (of the new Confederacy of the United States) wore grey uniforms versus the union soldiers who wore blue uniforms.

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