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Jews blacks homosexals gypsies johovah's witnesse's polish and homosexuals

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What other groups besides Jews were persecuted in World War 2?

Gypsies,Poles, Retards and cripples, homosexuals

What difference between the persecution of the Jews and the persecution of other groups classified by the Nazis as enemies?

Basically the persecution of the Jews was because of what they were, the other groups were persecuted because of what they did. The Gypsy question is a bit more complicated, as they were persecuted in different ways depending on which type of gypsy they were and where they lived.

What other groups of people besides the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis?

Some other persecuted groups include: Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Physically & Mentally Handicapped Perople, Catholic Leaders, and Political Opponents.people

Where were Jews persecuted in World War 2?

The Jews were persecuted in Poland during ww2

What groups other than Jews were persecuted by Hitler in World War 2?

Gypsy's, the sick, the disabled, mentally ill and people from opposing parties to the Nazis

Did Heinrich Himmler kill only Jews?

Victims of the holocaust were not only Jews; other persecuted groups were homosexuals, communists, Gypsies, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

What other groups did the Nazis prescute?

Besides the Jews, the Nazis also persecuted gypsies, homosexuals, Soviets and the mentally disabled.

What are three groups persecuted by the Nazis?

Jews, Gypsies and Cripples/ people with disablilities

What were other groups that Adolf Hitler persecuted?

Jews, enemies of the state, gays, Poles. Pretty much anyone outside of his ideals.

What are three groups of people that were persecuted?

Blacks, Native Americans, and Jews. And there are many more groups that could be listed.

Why were only Jews exterminated in the war?

They weren't. The Jews got the brunt of it (and nearly all the press), but other ethnic groups... the Romany, for example... were also regarded as "undesirables" and persecuted.

Who persecuted the Jews in World War 2?

== == == == The Nazis

What groups were persecuted in the holocaust?

It was mainly the Jews who were persecuted in WW2, but other minority groups such as Homosexuals, Black people, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Gypsies were also taken to concerntation camps and brutally disposed of in gas chambers.___In addition, about 60% of all Soviet prisoners-of-war in German hands perished.JewsSinti and Roma (Gypsies)SocialistsCommunistsPolesHomosexualsIncurablesJehovah's WitnessesHitler persecuted many groups, including Jews, socialists, gypsies, and homosexuals.

Have judaism has been persecuted by other group?

Judaism was persecuted by the Soviet Union. Jews have been persecuted almost constantly.

Did Hitler persecute and exterminate other ethnic groups in addition to the Jews?

The only groups persecute and exterminated on ethnic grounds (race) were:Jews.Romanies (gypsies).Some other groups were treated badly on ehtnic ground, but not singled out for systematic exterminated, for example: Poles and Russians.The following groups were persecuted on political grounds:

The groups of people who were persecuted by the Nazis?

Jews, Roma/Sinti ('gypsies'). Communists. Socialists. Liberals. Other dissidents; Incurables, Gays, Jehova's Witnesses;

Where the Jews persecuted before or after World War 1?


When were the Jews persecuted?

There has not been a time since the Romans when Jews have not been persecuted.

Why are Jews persecuted worldwide?

With respect, the assumption in the question is not accurate. The Jews are not 'persecuted worldwide'.

Who was persecuted at Auschwitz?

Mainly Jews were persecuted in Auschwitz.

Which other people were condemned by the Nazis?

The Nazis condemned Jews and mentally disabled people. They would also condemn certain types of gypsy. There were many other groups persecuted by the Nazis, but they were not condemned.

What were the accomplishments of Pope Pius XII?

Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews and other persecuted groups during World War II by opening Churches, convents and monasteries to accept and care for refugees.

What was the name of the group who persecuted jews?

There are lots of different groups that have been known to persecute Jews. Nazis, Christians, Muslims, Germans, and the French, to name a few.

What were the three groups of people persecuted during the holocaust?

German Jews, non-German Jews and people who weren't actually Jewish but were considered Jewish by the Germans.

What kinds of people were persecuted during world war 2?

The Nazis persecuted anyone who was not a blond, blue eyed Nazi. This included not only Jews, but negroes, gypsies, Magyars and other Slavic races.