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a sunflower seed grows the fastest but sunflowers need a lot of light so if you leave it in the cold it would probably die

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Which flower grows the fastest rose or sunflower?


Which plant grows fastest a orange plant or a sunflower plant?

sunflower plant (by the way its a orange tree.)

Which one grows faster a daisy or a sunflower?

Daisies and sunflowers are cousins, as they are all asters (star flowers) of the Asteraceae or Compositae family. If by daisy you mean the Ox-eyed daisy that grows wild by the side of the road, then the daisy is certainly the one to grow faster and die faster. The daisy only lasts about 6-8 weeks in early spring. It takes that long for the first flowers to develop on the sunflower plant. The sunflower needs warm temperatures, and can be grown as long as there is no frost. The Shasta daisy is a bigger and better daisy cultivar that blooms in June-July, but the sunflower still has it beat in height, width, and length of time before a bloom appears.

Where is chrysanthemum flower grown?

C. indicum grows in China. Dalmatian pellitory grows in Dalmatia and California. Ferverfew grows in England and U.S. Ox-eye daisy grows in Europe, Russia and Asia. Sunflower grows in Mexico, Peru and U.S.

What grows faster a rose or a sunflower?


What flowers are common in Oklahoma?

Daisy and Sunflower

What grows on red soil?


What is the difference between daisy and sunflower?

A sunflower is a large flower that follows the sun when it moves. It is also used in mythology and how it came into existance. The daisy is used in mythology as well, it is a flower but it is also a weed. The sunflower is not.

What grows out of a sunflower seed first?

The root.

What plant grows in the shortest time?

a sunflower

What is a sunflower and how does it grow?

it grows with light and water

Which plant grows faster lily or daisy?

daisy grow faster.

What do sunflowers grow fastest in?

A sunflower (Helianthus annuus) grows fastest when given full sun (min. 6 hours per day), adequate water, and lots of organic material in the soil. In fact, adding mulch to conserve water and add nutrients to the underlying soil is an excellent idea when it comes to feeding a sunflower plant.

A widely cultivated plant with yellow flowers?

Sunflower? daisy?

Which brand of bread grows mold the fastest?

Which brand of bread grows mold the fastest white or wheat?

How do sunflower adapt to their environment?

== == It grows toward the sun.

What is the characteristics of a sunflower?

It is living and grows therefor it is a plant

What kind of marjauna grows the fastest?

the kind of marjuana that grows the fastest is all kind of plants that smell like it.

Which finger nail grows the fastest?

Many may think your thumb grows the fastest but actually the middle finger does.

What are the fastest growing plants?

i think the fastest growing plants are Morning Glory and Sunflower ----- Bamboo is the fastest growing plant.

Which season daisy grows?

in summer season

What type of sunflower is the tallest one on earth?

The Mammoth Russian Sunflower- it grows to about 12-15 feet tall

What food grows mold fastest?

The food that grows mold the fastest is bread. This is because it is moist, warm, and is left out of the refrigerator.

What is a oxeye sunflower?

The oxeye sunflower (Heliopsis helianthoides) is also called false sunflower, rough heliopsis, hardy zinnia and orange sunflower. This 3-5 foot plant is a perennial of the sunflower genus, which looks more like a yellow daisy than a sunflower.

What plant grows 89 cm in one day?

a sunflower

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