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The 100W Bulb

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Q: Which has a more resistance a 100 W bulb or a1000 W heater?
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Which has more resistance a 100 Watt light bulb or a 75 Watt light bulb?

A 75 watt light bulb has more resistance because less current is going through which causes less light.

Which has more resistance 100 watt bulb or 60 watt bulb?

which has more resistance 100 watt bulb or 60 watt bulb? In short, the 60 watt bulb has more resistance. Power can be calculated using the following formula: P = (V^2)/R The power rating for a light bulb is measured using a 120 Volt source. Since the voltage will be the same for both light bulbs, using the formula, the bulb with the lowest resistance would have the greatest power.

How is the brightness of a light bulb determined?

Brightness of a light bulb depends on the power, current, resistance and size of the filament. Lumens is the unit of measurement for the brightness of a bulb. A bulb has more brightness if there is more power and current. Greater the resistance, less is the brightness.

Which has the least resistance a 40Watt bulb or 200Watt bulb?

Recall power P = V2/R For a constant V, P is inversely related to the resistance of the filament. Hence 40 W bulb would have more resistance than that of 200 W bulb.

A 5-Watt and 50-Watt bulb are connected in series which bulb will glow brightly?

The 5 watt bulb will glow brightly. The reason has to do with resistance. The higher watt bulb will have the lowest resistance. When you put the two in series, low resistance causes the lowest voltage drop. Higher resistance causes higher voltage drop, therefore the lowest wattage (highest resistance) bulb will have more voltage across it than the other bulb, and will glow brighter.

What will happen to the brightness of a bulb if the length of a wire increases?

If you mean the length of the wire that supplies current to the bulb, the bulb will dim due to increased resistance in the wire, if you make it longer.

When the bulb is the resistance what this tells about the resistance?

An incandescent bulb has a filament that has a resistance. The value of the resistance determines the current that will flow for a given supply voltage. The heat generated by the current flowing through the filament gives off light. As the resistance of the filament decreases the current increases and you get more light.

Does current change in a circuit having bulb in series with a resistance?

Absolutely the more Resistance is put in series the less current Will flow.

Which bulb has more resistance a 50 watt or a 100 watt?

Assuming they both run at the same voltage, the one with less resistance will draw more current and more power.

Who lights brighter bulb in a parallel circuit?

as in parallel circuits potentialdifference is same the bulb that is having least resistance glows more brighter

Why does the current in an electric circuit decrease when more bulbs are added?

Adding bulb means adding resistance. With increase in resistance, current decrease.

What is the relationship between the current of a circuit and how bright a bulb in the circuit is?

The brightness of a bulb is related to the voltage of the circuit, and to the diameter of the conductor which implies on more or less resistance. The higher is the resistance will make the bulb to bright less. The voltage is the power that push the electrons forwards, and the higher is the voltage will make the bulb brights more. However, the voltage is subordinated to the resistance of the circuit, regarding to the level of brightness of the bulb. There is a relationship among Voltage, current and resistance which is called "The Ohm Law". It comprises a single formula that makes easy to calculate everything in a single circuit.

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