Which has more HD programming cable or directv?

DirecTV does and has far more bandwidth to add HD channels. (remember DirecTV is transmitting local stations for like 50 markets in the US, at 4 per city, that alone is 200 channels they have up and going so can they count that?). They can put up more satellites, but Cable is always limited by the bandwidth of the coax cable. Comcast claims they have more "HD programming" because they include their OnDemand HD content, most of which is crap. But because they have 15 or so HD channels (including locals here) and have 285 crappy OnDemand HD programs (including PPV) they claim this absurd number of "HD Programming". DirecTV doesn't claim the most "HD programming", they claim the most "HD Channels". Also, for like $104 a month you can have every channel they have except PPV and their DVR service. How much is it for Comcast to have all their premiums except PPV? DirecTV has their prices on their website. Comcast doesn't and wants to "talk" before they disclose their rates and fees, and equipment rental. So take your pick, more HD content available to you at one given time, or actual HD channels such as TNTHD and UniversalHD (you can get HD lineup printouts from your cable co, and DirecTV and compare for yourself). DishNet is an up and comer though. They have been slow to get going on HD content, but I think they will be right in the mix or could be better. You can view what HD channels they offer at their website as well.