Which has the higher density one bushel of apples or ten bushels of apples?


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That would be a trick question. Their densities would be the same, since density is not a measurement of volume, but a ratio involving volume.

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The density of air decreases at higher altitudes.

Higher than what ?? If the object's density is higher than the density of water, then the object sinks in the water.

a higher pressure thana higher density thana higher pressure thanwill have a higher densitya higher air pressure thana higher density than

The higher the density, the lower the buoyancy and the lower the density, the higher the buoyancy

Higher the difference of water density to object density is higher buoyancy force.

The density of solid state of matter is higher than the density of liquids and the density of liquids is higher than the density of gases.

yes it does because the higher the mass and volume are, the higher the density would be

for the same volume, the higher the object density the higher is its mass.

No. A stone has much higher density than a styrofoam mattress, but much less mass.

Density = Mass/VolumeHigher Density = higher mass, lower volume.Higher mass means a higher density.Higher volume means a lower density.Of course, this is mathematically speaking. Changing Mass in a realistic experiment is unlikely...and a volume change is usually only via a change of state. But those are the relationships.

The density of a substance is its mass divided by its volume. So for the same volume the higher the mass, the higher the density.

In terms of a gas, density and pressure have a proportional relationship. The higher the pressure of the gas, the higher the density. The lower the pressure of the gas, the lower the density.

Ice density is lower than the density of water !

Water with a higher density weighs more. Gravity times mass (higher density of the same substance means bigger mass)

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The higher you are the thinner the air. Air density is thinner higher up.

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density is how much matter is packed into one area. so the higher density the more likely it is to be heavier. for example, cork has a very low density and iron has a higher density.

Which has a higher population density a city or an area in the country side?

At a given temperature, the higher the air density, the higher the air pressure.

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