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Q: Which high school did Frederick Douglass go to?
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Did Fredrick Douglass go to school?

No, Frederick Douglass did not go to school. His slave master's wife taught him until her husband caught her.

What high school did Lil Jon go to?

Douglass High School, Georgia

Did Frederick Douglass go to jail?

frederick went to jail

What is the motto of Frederick High School?

The motto of Frederick High School is 'Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Serve'.

What did Frederick Douglass go on tour making speeches about?

Frederick Douglass maked speeches about what was it like when he was enslave

When did Frederick Douglass go to Massachusetts?

in 1863

Why Did Frederick Douglass Go To Prison?

Douglass went to jail because someone told on him about his sabbith school (teaching other slaves to read and write)

Where did Frederick Banting go to school?

High Statham

When Frederick Douglass was born where did he go?

Frederick Douglass was born in February 1818. After the Civil War he went to Washington DC.

Did Frederick Douglass accomplish what most slave accomplish in their lifetime?

Frederick Douglass went to the Washington D.C. to go meet Abraham

What was the date Frederick Douglass went to the White House?

Frederick Douglass was invited to the White House by President Abe Lincoln. Did Mr. Douglass ever except Lincoln's invitation and go to the White House.

When did James Baldwin go to Frederick Douglass Junior High School?

You do the math. He was born August 2, 1924 in Harlem. and during those years, J.H.S. 139 (Douglass) went from 7th grade through 9th Grade. I would say around 1937.

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