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Which hockey card are the best?


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July 04, 2007 2:32PM

Which hockey card is best? This is a very open-ended question. As a long-time collector and a writer of sports memorabilia topics I can think of many answers.

1/ If you like older hockey cards (pre-1980) then the response is simple O-Pee-Chee.

2/ But, if you like more modern era cards then without a doubt one of many Upper Deck products (usually the one with the shortest print run is the best).

3/ On a more personal level, the best hockey card is the one that you like best for whatever reason. It could simply be aesthetics that appeal to you or it could be the hockey card of your favorite team or player.

4/ If it is the value of one card that you are seeking then a Gordie Howe Rookie Card from 1951-52 Parhurst or a Bobby Orr Rookie Card from 1966-67 Topps.

The possibilities for this answer are endless!!