Which hole do you put the tampon in?

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2012-09-14 11:38:33

well, you should have a big hole with a pink thing to guard your

vagina. Put the tampon in there and try to break the pink thing

(hymen) to get it in all the way. Although, you may not have the

hymen, so just insert it in the hole closest to your butt hole. the

easiser way to do it is to put you foot up on a stool, counter or

toliet. somewhere you can bend your knee. a mirror would help.

gentley and slowly start sliding the tampon near your holes adding

a little pressure. if you feel the tampon slip in a hole. then you

found your vagina. the best tampon to use is tampax. the tiny ones.

for your first. if your still a virgin then it might hurt alittle.

try NOT to break the hymen. then slowy and gently start to push it

in the hole. when you feel comfortable where the tampon is and how

far it is, then gentley push the thingy. you probaly WANT to ask

your mom, grandma or even aunt. :) but make sure you put it up the

right hole!

You out it in your vagina, which is the hole in between the anus

and urethra. So, basically the middle one, and the only one it will

really fit in.

Basic rule of thumb....insert the tampon in the bloody

hole....seriously, take a peek with a small mirror...plug what

drips---insert it (gently) as far as it will go, remove the

applicator if one was included, then gently tug the string to make

sure the tampon is seated properly. If you're still in school, the

school nurse would be an awesome person to go to for additional

guidance--or your local health department/Family Planning office

might be a good source of info.

Good luck to you, young woman! :-)

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