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My guess would be pH paper!

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What do you use universal indicator solution for?

Universal indicator is used to determine the pH value over a wide range. It is used in tit-ration experiments too.

What is the relation between pH value and nature of the solution?

The nature of the solution be it acidic or basic will determine the PH value of the given solution.

What is the pH value of hydrochloric acids?

It depends on the concentration, but a 1 molar solution will have a pH of 0

What colour universal indicator turns to an alkali?

When an universal indicator solution is added to the alkali it turns to BLUE.pH value of alkali is 10 and 11.

What is pH of a hydrochloric acid?

The pH value of the solution depends on the strength of the acid, in other words, acid concentration.

If you add indicator to an alkaline solution what will happen?

It depends on what indicator you use. An alkaline solution will have a pH-value >7. So if you're using BTB, it'll be blue. If you're using Fenolftalein, then it'll be pink.

What the pH number of an indicator for the concentration of?

The pH value is an indication of the acidity/alkalinity of a solution. More precisely, the pH value is a representation of the concentration of hydrogen cations (hydronium ions) in a solution.

What is the pH number of hydrochloric acid?

Hydrochloric acid cannot be assigned a pH value. pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in an aqueous solution, not the strength of an acid. Because hydrochloric acid is a weak monoprotic acid the pH of a solution of it is fairly easily calculated. pH=-log[HCl], where [HCL] is the concentration of the hydrochloric acid in moles per liter.

PH value of 50 cm3 of 0.1moldm3 of hydrochloric acid mix with 100 cm3 of 0.05 moldm3 sodium hydroxide?

what is the Ph of a solution containing 5mg/L of hydrochloric acid?

Why is it very difficult to measure the pH value of blackcurrant juice with universal indicator?

because it as actually an indicator not a solution

Why is it difficult to find the pH value of blackcurrant juice using universal indicator?

Well, Blackcurrant juice would be seen more of an actual indicator than a solution. I suggest you use a different solution that has a higher acidic or alkaline scale.

What does alkali do to an acid?

It neutralises. For instance if you have hydrochloric acid and add universal indicator, then add sodium hydroxide (alkali) it turns green. (pH value 7, neutral).

What is theoretical pH value for 1 m hcl solution?

It doesn't matter how much you have, HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) has a pH of 1

One third times x plus 7 what is x?

You need solution to determine value.

What is the pH value of universal indicator?

When it is not mixed with any other solution, it is green. Green represents neutrality, so its pH is 7.

If a few drops of universal indicator is added to water changes red what pH value is it?

Its Ph value is less than 7, so it is acidic. The exact colour change needs to be compared visually with a standard universal indicator chart to determine the precise Ph value associated with that particular shade of red.

Why might a scientist prefer to use Universal Indicator rather than a different indicator like litmus?

Litmus only differentiates between acidic and alkaline solutions. It does not give an accurate value of the degree of acidity of alkalinity. Universal Indicator can help measure the pH of the given solution as it does not just change from red to blue and vice versa, but in solution has a range of colours.

What is the Ph value for hydrochloric acid?


Were does pH come from?

The pH is the measure of the hydrogen ion activity in solutions. The value of pH determine the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

What is an indicator and what does it tell us?

An indicator is a chemical compound which change the color depending of the value of the pH.

What can be used to get a pH value?

universal indicator

Describe how to find the percent error in a calculation?

Percent error is typically used to describe the difference between an expected value and an observed value (measured in an experiment). To calculate percent error, you must know the expected (or theoretical) value, determined from reference manuals and formulas. Percent error = [(actual measured value)/(expected value) - 1] x 100% Let's say that you do a chemistry experiment, where you expect to use 30 mL of a hydrochloric acid solution to neutralize a prepared solution of sodium hydroxide. When you perform the experiment, you actually use 30.2 mL of hydrochloric acid solution. Percent error = [(30.2 mL) / (30 mL) - 1] x 100% = 0.667 % error

What are the Advantage of knowing the pKa value of an acid base indicator?

it tell u the pH value that color is change according to acid base indicator.

How can you found out if somthing is an indidcator?

if something is and indicator, then it will be able to proove to you wether a substance is acid or alkali. here are some common lab indicators used to determine the Ph value of some substances. remember, pH 1-6 is acid ph7 is neutral and pH 8-14 is alkali -Litmus paper is red in a neutral solution, red in an acid and blue in an alkaline solution -Universal indicator is is green in a neutral solution, red, orange or yellow in an acid and blue or violet in an alkali -Phenolpthalein is colourless in a neutral solution, colourless in an acid and pink inn an alkal -Screened methyl orange is orange in a neutral solution, red for pH below 3.6, orange for pH above 3.6 and yellow in an alkaline solution

PH value of hydrochloric acid?

pH 1 to 2.

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