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Electoral College
Electoral College

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Q: Which institution is a special body of delegates whose job is to select the president of the US?
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Why were some delegates opposed to allowing Congress to select the president?

congress can declare war

What happens at the national conventions which are held in presidential election years?

delegates from each state select political parties'nominees for president

How many total delegates does the Republican Party have?

i don't know how many they have but i know in order to select their runner for president this year McCain needed 1,191 delegates' votes. sorry! I'm trying to figure out how many there are as well!

What is the primary purpose of the precinct convention in Texas?

To select delegates to the county convention, which in turn selects delegates to the state convention.

Does the president always select the the next president?

No, in a democracy the president doesn't normally select the next president.

An election in which delegate select and nominate candidates is called?

An election in which delegates select and nominate candidates is called a caucus.

How electoral college work?

the electoral college works like this the convention delegates settled on a system in which each state legislature would choose a number of electors. The electoral college would select the president and vice president.

Is primary and early election in which delegates select and nominate canidates for office?


What is another word for select or special?

Select: Choose, pick, decide on Special: unique, extraordinary, individual

What is the major difference between how the Democrats and the Republicans select their delegates to the national convention?


Does Wisconsin have a primary or caucus to select delegates to the presidential nominating convention?

It's primary.

What t mechanisms are used by parties to select delegates to the national convention?

Caucauses and Elections

What are current methods of selecting delegates to a major political party national convention?

Major political parties select their national convention delegates in a number of ways. Some delegates are elected through the ballot box. Other delegates are appointed by the political party as a reward.

Does the electoral college select the senate?

No, however the electoral college has the honor to select the president and the vice president

Can the house select the president in certain conditions?

Yes. If no candidate gets a majority of the electoral vote, the election is thrown to the House to elect the president by following a special procedure for voting as outlined in the Constitution.

What is the difference between binding and non-binding primaries?

Non-binding primaries is when states can select candidates to a specific state convention and then select delegates for the national convention. Binding primaries is when all of the delegates must vote for a candidate at the national convention.

What are two major processes used to select delegates to national convention?

Delegates are chosen by primary elections in which anybody can vote, as well as by party caucuses, that is by election by party leaders.

Why did the framers of constitution decide in allowing Congress to select the president?

Congress does not select the president, the Electoral College actually elects him.

What is the purpose of the electorial collage?

to select the president and vice president

Who select the president?

the president is selected bycthe majority party

What two mechanisms are used by parties to select delegates to the national convention?

presidential primary elections and caucuses

In the past primaries were used both to select delegates and to do what?

allow party members to express their nominee preferences

How is a nominating convention used to select presidential and vice-presidential candidates?

Delegates from all the states meet and elect a candidate for president and then for vice president, Nowadays so many of the delegates are committed to a particular candidate by primary elections that one candidate can have the nomination "sewed up" before the convention occurs and lately it has been the custom to let the presidential nominee pick his running mate. This did not used to be the case.

Special committees are called what committees?


What process is used to select the president and vice president?

In the U.S. the Electoral College process is used to select the President and Vice president. This is an indirect form of election in which the people elect electors who then form the Electoral College and officially elect the president.