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That would be the strong nuclear force. It is called the strong force because it is the most powerful of the 4 fundamental forces; typical field strength is 100 times the strength of the electromagnetic force, 1013 times as great as that of the weak force, and about 1038 times that of gravitation, according to Wikipedia. It is also sometimes called the color force, however this has no relation to the visible color we commonly refer to.

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Q: Which interaction tends to hold the particles in an atomic nucleus together?
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What force holds particles together in an atomic nucleus?

The strong force.

What are the number of particles in an atomic nucleus?

The mass number of an atom is the number of particles (protons and neutrons) in an atomic nucleus.

What did the alpha particles do when they hit the nucleus?

Alpha particles are scaterred by the atomic nucleus.

Is splitting an atom's nucleus called fission or fusion?

Splitting an atomic nucleus is atomic fission. Fusion is the fusing or "forcing together" of particles or lighter atomic nuclei that then "stick together" to form a heavier atomic nucleus. Use the links below to learn more.Apex= Fission (Ryan Mcaphee =] )

What word describes the process when several atomic particles fuse together to form a heavier nucleus?


What sub-atomic particles are present in the nucleus?

They are protons and the neutrons. Electrons are another sub-atomic particles but they revolve around the nucleus.

Atomic particles that orbit the nucleus are the?


Atomic particles that orbit the nucleus?


What atomic particles are outsice the nucleus?

The electron.

What atomic particles are in the nucleus?

protons and neutrons

Electrons are the only sub-atomic particles not in the?

atomic nucleus

What are sub-atomic?

Subatomic particles are protons and neutrons, which are found in the atomic nucleus, and electrons, which are found in the electron cloud surrounding the nucleus.

Positive particles in an atom?

Protons are the positive particles in the atomic nucleus.

Atomic particles located in the nucleus?

neutrons and protons

Which atomic particles are in the atom's nucleus?

protons, and neutrons.

What are particles located in an atomic nucleus with no charge?


What are submatomic particles called?

The three main subatomic particles are the protons and neutrons inside the atomic nucleus, and the electrons, located in the electron cloud outside of the atomic nucleus.

What particles are in the nucleus of an atom?

The particles in the nucleus of an atom are the protonsand the neutrons. We call particles that make up the atomic nucleus nucleons, and this word is just a way to say "the particles that make up an atom's nucleus" in an abbreviated manner.

What two sub atomic particles are found in the nucleus?

In basic chemistry and physics the sub atomic particles are protons and neutrons

The atomic particles outside of the atom's nucleus are?

Outside the nucleus you have the electrons. Inside the nucleus are the protons and neutrons

What is a positively charged particle in the nucleus?

The positively charged particles in an atomic nucleus are protons.

Which subatomic particles compose the nucleus of atoms?

An atomic nucleus consists of protons and neutrons.

What is the subatomic particles on which the atomic number is based?

Number of protons in the nucleus is the atomic number.

Why are neutrons the glue that hold an atomic nucleus together?

It is not quite correct to say that neutrons are the glue that holds an atomic nucleus together. Use the link below to the related question to see what actually holds an atomic nucleus together.

Who provided evidence for the exsitist of an atomic nucleus?

This is the well known gold foil experiment: alpha particles are scattered by the atomic nucleus.