Which is a better LCD TV brand.. Samsung LCD TV or Sony LCD TV?

Both Sony and Samsung make several somewhat esoteric models of television for specialist markets and these perhaps don't need a mention in an answer as they are not likely to be ever seen in mainstream stores or catalogues. As specific models change rapidly, no mention of model numbers and prices are made here either. Some opinions and information are set out below by several contributors

Sony has a new 4 K Ultra HDTV that costs much more than a working person can afford at $24,999.99 for the 84 inch model It is available to preorder in a 55 and 65 inch models at $5000 and $8,000. They exceed the highest broadcast resolutions currently available and therefore outperform the current HD outputs.

Sony is clearly the better brand if you want to purchase the best Brand. Normally any best Brand is not the most economical or the best bargain. Even within the Sony HDTV there is also a Best Model and that is often way more expensive.

Sony is the most technologically advanced but is a bit more pricey and could cost you a few hundred more than the Samsung with the same features. Quality of picture and other small factors make the Sony a better choice especially for those who want more class and features. But when you don't want to pay those extra hundred dollars, the Samsung is a great preference. The value for money for a Samsung is much more than anything you could get from any other brand. Simply said the price is Justifiable.

One data point: We actually have a Samsung LCD TV and it's amazing. We chose it over Sony because we heard that the Sony's have more TV's that need to be repaired.

Another data point: In the last few years, thousands of Samsung customers have suffered from a devastating problem that Samsung has been very slow to respond to. Just google "Samsung lcd tv click capacitor" to see the many people who were impacted by Samsung's decision to use inadequate capacitors in their power supplies. There are several videos on youtube on how to repair this problem; one has over 50,000 views.

The most important factors with HDTVs are that 1080p LED LCD HDTVs are better than the other models of LCD HDTVS. That all of a brands top newly released models now are 3D. even if you never plan to use 3D the picture quality is better in 3D models for all the brands. Electronic prices always decrease as newer models are released and it is reasonable to assume that will continue. Many of the discounted HDTVs are either old stock or new production of older models.