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I hate pink. I like blue. Some people like pink. Some people like blue. The popularity of the colours are equal according to American population voting but most people suggest that the lighter versions of pink and blue are better because they are proven to calm your nerves.

For me, it depends on how light or dark it is. If it's light pink and dark blue, then pink. If it's sky blue and magenta, then sky blue. If it's light pink and sky blue, then sky blue.


Colour preference is very individual and can really affect how people feel about a room or an item. I hate both pink and blue: I have an aversion to pink because my parents painted my room pink when I was a little girl -- strong, pepto bismol pink. Everyone who saw my pink room decided that I must be the little girl who loves papto-bismol pink, so any gifts I got were always pink: clothes, toys, bedding, curtains, dolls, you name it, even though it was my mom who picked the wall colour. My environment was overwhelmed with the colour. Over the 12 years I had to live in it I came to think of my room as "pink hell" and I developed a real hatred for the colour.

I have never liked blue: I find it cold and corporate, good for a government web site, but not friendly. Baby blue makes me think of baby diapers, lotions, and wipes -- not an adult colour at all.

I like greens (not turquoise or blue green), yellows, reds, Oranges, reddish purples, browns, black, ivory, white. Never assume people like a given colour! (I'm currently in a fight with my landscaper because they brough in all our bedding out plants without consulting with us and they brought pink and blue flowers. Everyone in my household hates them. We like warm colours.)


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Blue is more calming and nicer.

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Q: Which is a better color blue or pink?
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