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Which is a better combat shotgun the Benelli or the Remington?


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February 04, 2008 8:21PM

Based on what the US Military is purchasing, the Mossberg 590A1. The total military order for Benelli M1014 shotguns is only 20k units, whereas in the past decade alone, the Navy submitted a contract for 2,200 to 7,500 Mossbergs starting in 2004, and the Army ordered 14,818 in 2005. The Winchester and Remington shotguns were phased out of service in 2005, and for the forseeable future, the Department of Defense will only be using the Mossberg for pump shotguns, as it is the only one to pass the DOD 3443 standards. While the pump lacks the rate of fire of a semi-auto, the semi-auto lacks the ability to easily handle the less-lethal ammunition types (rubber slugs, tear gas, the new TASER XREP 12 gauge round), which aren't powerful enough to cycle the gas action. The pump is also safer for door breaching, since it can be left hammer down on a fired shell and left dangling by the sling if the operator decides to transition to another weapon (handgun or carbine) after breaching the door.

Remington fans will claim that the 870 would pass the military's 3443 test easily, but as Remington never submitted a sample for testing (and the 3443 spec has been around since 1975), no one really knows.