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AnswerReal GDP takes into account the inflation rate and thus is more accurate at recording the actual increase in production activities. It is not affected by changes in prices, changes in real GDP reflect only changes in the amount being produced, so it is a more accurate measure of economic well being.
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Why might an economic policy maker choose the golden rule level of capital?

The golden-rule level is the steady state of capital which maximizes consumption. Since policy makers are concerned with the economic wellbeing of the people then naturally they would choose the one which maximizes consumption so people are better off.

Why is productivity important to economic growth?

because the better the productivity the better the nations economic growth.

Is economic imbalance is better than nuclear imbalance?

is economic imbalance is better than nuclear imbalance

Is it better to measure by weight or cups when baking?

It is always better to measure by WEIGHT when baking.

What better unit would it be to measure the mass of an apple gram or kilogram?

It would be better to measure in grams.

Is Islamic economic system better for Afghanistan?

There is no Islamic economic system any more than there is a Hindu economic system.

What is the better measurement of economic development?


What is the goal of economic competition?

The goal of economic competition is better goods at lower prices for everyone.

Which is better unit to measure a bucket of water liter or milliliter?

Litres is better to measure quantities larger than a quart.

How does a disability affect peoples health and wellbeing?

Depending on what the disability is, is how it can affect your health. It can affect your health in many ways, google it you will get better answers than this crappy website '')

Which is better economic model or socioeconomic model?

A socioeconomic model tells you more than an economic model does, so in most cases I would say the socioeconomic model is better.

How do the people in Mexico reflect their economic situation?

Most of them don't reflect on their economic situation, better focusing on surviving.

Why are some economic systems better than others?

larry did it

What are the economic conditions of Georgia?

there economic conditions were not fair at times, but they were better than most colonies along the eastern coast

Why did the Jewish immigration to America?

they wanted freedom and better economic conditions and a better education......AND of COURSE!! freedom!!!!!!! :)

Why standard deviation is better measure of variance?

1. Standard deviation is not a measure of variance: it is the square root of the variance.2. The answer depends on better than WHAT!

What is a economic protest party?

Parties that are rooted in poor economic times, and are lacking a clear ideological base, and are demanding for better times.

Which factor religious freedom ob economic betterment better describes the motivation behind the founding of the English colonies?

Economic betterment

Economic theory that it was better for a nation to sell more then it bought?


Why have many puerto ricans relocate to Florida?

For better economic opportunities.

What happens when you have economic growth?

More money, better standard of living, better public transportation, less crime.

Economic growth is the aspiration of all developing countries Discuss whether it is always better to have economic growth in all economy?

I think economic growth is an aspiration in an developing countries I think economic growth is an aspiration in an developing countries

What has the author Sarah Ludford written?

Sarah Ludford has written: 'For better or worse?' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, European Economic Community

What are the economic factors affecting economic development?

there are many economic factors which effect the eco nomic growth likepovertyunemploymentbudget deficitlack of educationnot better use of resources

Is computer application better than economic application in class 9?

yes it is better because i have taken computer appliction