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My opinion would be pharm tech it is way more promising. The medical field is always looking for help and new people. I f the world were to up and start going bad or falling apart you would be needed for your knowledge and skills in helping people. Pharm tech's usually earn a little more overall, but if you want a rewarding career helping people, Massage Therapy is just that.

Drugs usually don't really end up helping people feel better, not like a decent massage. In some cases drugs are vital and necessary. Then again so is massage.

As far as healing goes all of the healing that ever takes place happens within our own bodies by our own bodies. Massage can help people in pain without drugs.

Some therapists (like me) make upwards of $100 an hour plus tips. It pays the bills and I don't have to work eight hours a day or forty hours a week either.

If the world were, as stated above, " up and start going bad..." a massage career might be pretty well received by those in need of some good stress reduction.

Massage is a general term and there are many different types of massage to choose from.

As drug companies are coming under scrutiny more and more, massage therapy is growing in it's use in the medical field as well as the spas and healthclubs. Insurance companies are even paying for treatments in a few states like WA and FL. Be careful about which school you choose if you choose massage, not all schools are equal. Get a lot of referrals from local therapists on which school(s) they recommend. You will make the most in whatever career you are drawn too if you are passionate and inspired by what you do. Most massage therapists start their own business but there are some jobs out there that pay more than the entry massage salary of $15 an hour. These sites are a good place to begin:

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

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Q: Which is a more promising career massage therapist or pharmacy technician?
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