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Which is bamboo dance of nagaland?

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Naga is a city in the Bicol Province in the Philippines. The Bamboo dance you're referring to is called "Tinikling" It's name after a bird "Tikling" or roadrunner in English. The bamboo resembles a bird-trap that try to capture this tikling, and the dancers hopping inside and out of the clapping [two] bamboos are the tikling. see web link "Tinikling" on left for a sampler

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Bamboo dance is the folk dance of which Indian state?

It is the traditional dance of Mizoram and is known locally as "Cheraw"

What are the basic dance steps of singkil?

In the singkil dance, the dancer steps in and out of closing bamboo poles.

What is the name of the traditional Filipino bamboo stick dance?


What is a bamboula?

A bamboula is a drum made from bamboo, or a dance accompanied by such drums.

Tinikling dance steps?


What is the capital of Nagaland?

Kohima is the capital of Nagaland

Which Indian State has English as its offiicial Language?

Nagaland In 1967 the Nagaland Assembly proclaimed English as the official language of Nagaland and is the medium for education in Nagaland.

What is the origin of karatong dance?

The Karatong or Kalatong dance is a Filipino traditional dance using bamboo tubes. The Tubo ng Kalatong dance is popular in the province of Pangasinan. There is also the Bunga Mangga Karatong dance in Cuyo, Palawan.

Is tinikling a comic dance?

No. Tinikling is a Philippine folk dance that requires agility. Dancers perform the dance skipping in and out two bamboo poles being banged together to rhythm.

What are the fundamental steps for tinikling?

Tinikling is a Philippine dance that is done by two people. They tap and slide bamboo poles beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles against the ground. Dancers step over and in between the poles during the dance numbers.

What length should the tinikling bamboo poles be?

8 to 18 feet long. The thicker the bamboo, the longer the poles can be. The longer the poles, more people can dance at once.

What is official language of Nagaland?

The official language of Nagaland is English.

What is the staple food of Nagaland?

The staple food in Nagaland is rice.

When was Nagaland University created?

Nagaland University was created in 1994.

Which is the main occupation of nagaland?

main occupation of nagaland population

What is the state capital of the north eastern state of Nagaland?

Nagaland is a state in north-eastern India. The state capital of Nagaland is Kohima.

What do you think about the music scenario in Nagaland?

The music scene in Nagaland is upbeat.

What is sakuting dance?

A Filipino dance that was originally performed just by boys, the sakuting dance is a portrayal of mock fighting using sakuting sticks. These sticks are about 1 1/2 feet in length and are either bamboo or striped. The dance itself is a theatrical dance, also known as moro-moro, that consists of two teams that represent different sides circling each other gently imitating martial art sparring by clashing bamboo sticks.

Visayan ethnic dance?

There are a lot of Visayan dances. The most popular is the well know bamboo dance "Tinikling" which orginated from Leyte. The other popular dance is the Itik Itik where dancers imitate the waddling of ducklings.

What is a rabong dance?

Rabong (Ilocano) - This Ilocano dance is adopted especially for children. Dancers sing as they do the dance movements. Rabong means "bamboo shots". The words of the song tell how delicious the rabong is and it cannot be exchanged.

Is TGOU Nagaland is recongnized by UGC?

yes..tgou nagaland recognized by ugc.

What is the Provincial tree of Nagaland?

The Alder is the state tree of Nagaland, Republic of India.

What is the Provincial flower of Nagaland?

The Rhododendron is the state flower of Nagaland, Republic of India.

When did Nagaland Democratic Party end?

Nagaland Democratic Party ended in 2004.

When was Nagaland Democratic Party created?

Nagaland Democratic Party was created in 1999.