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Which is batter TV led or LCD?

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led is better than lcd tv

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The main difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV is that the LED TV is back-lit by LED lights while the LCD TV is not. LED TV's are also more energy efficient than LCD ones.

LED televisions have better color contrast than LCD televisions. LCD televisions have better viewing angles than LED televisions do, meaning that viewing to television from the side is more comfortable with the LCD televisions than with the LED televisions.

LCD television's are brighter than LED television. That is the biggest difference between an LED and LCD television. Another big difference is the quality of the television.

The difference between LCD and LED is the back lighting. LED televisions generally have better black lighting and contrast than the LCD televisions.

I think because "ANSWERS.COM" thinks the question, What is an LED-LCD TV is the same question as What is better LCD or LED. At stores like Walmart, you see the display stating "Such and Such 22" LED/LCD HDTV", Is because nobody on the Earth knows if the TV they are selling is an LCD or an LED.

led is used only as the backlight the lcd is working as in oher lcd tv..

Yes!LED TV is more Expensive than LCD.

As fas as I know, for LCD, it's 70 inches. For lEd, it's 65 inches. There is such thing as an LED/LCD TV, where I have a question about it. You forgot plasma TVs.

Nothing. All led TV's are just lcd back lit by led's

An LCD TV is different from a regular TV because a LED tv is an LCD tv with LED backlighting. Regular tv's are non lcd so they have CFL backlighting. Both tv's are reliable and widely used

LED TV is best as it consumes less energy and is advanced than LCD technology

LCD, simply because LEDs suck.

No they use less. Plasma tv use much more then CCFl LCD or LED LCD.

There are two distinct types of televisions on the market today for consumers to consider and they are LED and LCD. Any television owned that is more than a few years old is probably LCD. LED is the new kid on the block. LCD and LED Televisions are similar with one important exception. The LCD television is a Liquid Crystal Display lit by florescent lights while the LED television is lit by Light Emitting Diodes or LED.

Prices for led lcd televisions vary in price depending on how big you are looking for and what pixel you desire. For a 32inch 780 pixle led lcd television around $300 is a good price.

An LED TV is considering to be of better quality when compared to an LCD TV. This is because the LED lights used in the panel are considered more energy efficient.

LED tvs are far more energy efficient than LCD tvs, although they do tend to be more expensive. Also, LED picture quality is typically better than LCD pictures.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, while LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LED televisions give the viewer better picture quality, higher pixalization, and do not require the backlight of a traditional LCD television.

Liquid-crystal display televisions (lcd), Use a lot of Power. Light-emitting diode (led) is using Half the power. So buy led tv!

First of all, an LED and an LCD are the same thing. An LED is just an LCD with a LED backlight. LEDs use less power and have a higher contrast ratio. I say if you can afford it, go with the LED, you won't be disappointed!

LED TVs are technically a type of LCD TVs, so the two terms are misleading. Basically, the main difference is the display. LED TVs use a backlighting to project the picture display.

LCD and LED are technically both LCDs. Both are liquid crystal displays, but LED TVs have LED lights around the outside to help with the illumination. Because of this, LED TVs are more energy efficient.

Those panels are same. LED & LCD TV have IPS or VA panel. Even Samsung used VA. But IPS panel can resolve the problem of wave and multicolor spot. Major different things are backlight which LCD TV has CCLF (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) from back side and LED TV has the emitting diodes from back side. That's why, LED much slimer than LCD TV.

LED TV is LCD TV that uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for back-lighting instead of fluorescent light source.