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Which is best LCD or led TV?

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LED TV is best as it consumes less energy and is advanced than LCD technology

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What is the best LCD led TV out there?

The best LCD led TV is made by Sony. They have always made the best quality televisions with the newest technology. Their prices are reasonable compared to their competitors in the market.

Which is the best : LCD TV or LED TV?

LCD is a more developed technology, however LED TV is clearly the best for it has more energy-efficiency and features such as a more complete color palette.

Which has best details lcd or led TVs?

well, Led is newer, and Better

Which is batter TV led or LCD?

led is better than lcd tv

Which is the best television format LED or LCD?

LED tvs are far more energy efficient than LCD tvs, although they do tend to be more expensive. Also, LED picture quality is typically better than LCD pictures.

What is the difference between an LED and LCD TV?

The main difference between an LED TV and an LCD TV is that the LED TV is back-lit by LED lights while the LCD TV is not. LED TV's are also more energy efficient than LCD ones.

Which is best tv to buy plazma lcd led?

Plasma has the best picture for the money spent. It is heavier and the brightness is not as vibrant as LCD/LED sets.

Which is the best option to purchase, LED or LCD TV?

The best place to find information on which type of LED or LCD TV to purchase would be to visit a BestBuy store. They have knowledgeable staff and a large selection of TVs.

What are the benefits of an LCD television versus one with led specifications?

LED televisions have better color contrast than LCD televisions. LCD televisions have better viewing angles than LED televisions do, meaning that viewing to television from the side is more comfortable with the LCD televisions than with the LED televisions.

What is better tube TV or Lcd TV?

a samsung or lg 3d led tv has to be the best.

Are there reviews available for the Samsung LCD LED TV?

Yes, you can find reviews for the Samsung LCD LED television. You can look at reviews.cnet.com/best-LCD-TVs/ and at www.avforums.com/review/Samsung-D5000-UE-32... - United Kingdom.

What is the biggest difference between an LED and LCD television?

LCD television's are brighter than LED television. That is the biggest difference between an LED and LCD television. Another big difference is the quality of the television.

Which is better a LCD or LED TV ?

LCD Televisions are known to be cheaper and come in the most sizes. In fact, the LED television is an improved and different version of the LCD. Best Buy has a fantastic selection of electronics and LCD Televisions (and employees do not work on commission, so, they will not pressure you into buying something ridiculous).

What is the difference between an LCD and an LED television screen?

The difference between LCD and LED is the back lighting. LED televisions generally have better black lighting and contrast than the LCD televisions.

What is a led-LCD TV?

I think because "ANSWERS.COM" thinks the question, What is an LED-LCD TV is the same question as What is better LCD or LED. At stores like Walmart, you see the display stating "Such and Such 22" LED/LCD HDTV", Is because nobody on the Earth knows if the TV they are selling is an LCD or an LED.

What is considered the best LCD LED TV?

There are many different brands that are considered to be the best for LCD LED TV's. Sony, Samsung, and Vizio are all great brands to choose from.

How does Samsung LED tv works?

led is used only as the backlight the lcd is working as in oher lcd tv..

Are LED TVs more expensive than LCD?

Yes!LED TV is more Expensive than LCD.

What is the biggest LCD and led tv made?

As fas as I know, for LCD, it's 70 inches. For lEd, it's 65 inches. There is such thing as an LED/LCD TV, where I have a question about it. You forgot plasma TVs.

What is a LED TV and a LCD TV?

A LED tv is a LCD tv with LED backlighting. non led lcds have CFL backlighting or such (compact fluorescent LED tv's are different because they can be thinner and have a more dynamic brightness range (in general). The LCD means liquid crystal display and is just a type of display (opposite of plasma or such). LED LCDs are light emitting diode backlit liquid crystal displays. (the best out now) so the best TVs are currently 3d led lcds.

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