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Nirvana is best described as a goal of Buddhists in the teachings of the Buddha.

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Q: Which is best describes nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?
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What best describes nirvana as a goal of buddhists?

the eternal bliss the soul experiences when it escapes from the cycle of death and rebirth.

What is the goal of all Buddhists?

The goal of Buddhism is Nirvana.

Nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?

Enlightenment is the goal of Buddhists. With enlightenment comes Nirvana, the peace of mind that occurs when greed, anger, jealousy, and delusion have been extinguished.

Which describes nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?

a point where your soul feels no pain and never need to reincarante to man to endure man's suffering on earth.

What is the equvilant of heaven for buddhists?

Nirvana which is a release from reincarnation and is there ultimate goal

What describes nirvana as a goal of Buddhists?

Nirvana is a state of being that is free from suffering. That doesn't mean that you become a stone, impervious to all emotions. it means that you live life fully awake and not tormented by your desires and perceptions.

To what extent does Nirvana provide Buddhists with an appealing and realistic goal?


When is the ultimate goal of buddhists?

Buddhism's final goal was to achieve nirvana, or union with the universe and release from the cycle of rebirth (SMILE IT MAKES U LOOK BETTER)

When a Buddhist breaks out the rebirth and death cycle what is it called?

It is called Nirvana. Reincarnation is stopped after that.

What was the ultimate goal for the Buddhists?

This depends on the school Buddhism. Llke Christians there are different approaches to the ultimate goal. The two main Buddhist schools are Mahayana and Theravada:Mahayana: Seeks enlightenment but the individual aims not to enter Nirvana until all beings are enlightened. This requires the return of the enlightened ones to the cycle of death and rebirth.Theravada: Seeks enlihjtenment and entry to a stare of Nirvana for the individual upon death after enlightenment.

How does nirvana helps the Buddhists?

Nirvana is not a active being and does not "help" a Buddhist as the Christians "god" or "Jesus" is supposed to help them. Nirvana is a condition of aware selflessness that is a destination condition after enlightenment. The only help is that an awareness of Nirvana would be a sense of goal towards which a Buddhist might direct his ambitions.

How are Buddhists supposed to find the way to truth?

The goal of Buddhism is nibbana (nirvana), the cessation of suffering. Truth is never specifically defined as the goal. Truthful speech, however, is defined as an essential part of the way to the goal.

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