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iPod Nano by far! According to user reviews on, users preferred their Creative Zens to their iPods for the better compatibility, quality and battery life. I have tried ipod's in the past. i cant stand them . if you want a scratched up mp3 player which scratches the minute you buy it get the ipod nano. but i have always had the creative mp3 players, and ive currently got the creative zen v plus. Its a great mp3 player, with great sound quality and easy to use even has a built in radio, unlike the ipod and voice record .and also it doesnt scratch like the ipod. ive had mine for about a year and im extremly happy with it ! :D George

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โˆ™ 2007-12-05 21:50:18
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Q: Which is best iPod Nano or Creative Zen for everyday use?
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