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Which is best iPod Nano or Creative Zen for everyday use?

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βˆ™ 2007-12-05 21:50:18

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iPod Nano by far! According to user reviews on, users preferred their Creative Zens to their iPods for the better compatibility, quality and battery life. I have tried ipod's in the past. i cant stand them . if you want a scratched up mp3 player which scratches the minute you buy it get the ipod nano. but i have always had the creative mp3 players, and ive currently got the creative zen v plus. Its a great mp3 player, with great sound quality and easy to use even has a built in radio, unlike the ipod and voice record .and also it doesnt scratch like the ipod. ive had mine for about a year and im extremly happy with it ! :D George

2007-12-05 21:50:18
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Which iPod is the best?

ipod nano is not so comlpulated as the ipod touch

Why is the iPod Nano named iPod Nano?

nano means small. the ipod nano is smaller than the ipod mini.

Timeline of an iPod?

iPod Classic, iPod Nano 1st Generation, iPod Nano 2nd Generation, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Nano 4th Generation, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 5th Generation.

What is the best type of ipod?

nano chromatic

How much is the iPod Nano?

ipod nano = 30 -150 ipod nano 2nd 30-160 ipod nano 3rd = 45-170 ipod nano 4th =60-200 ipod nano 5th = 120-230

What is the best nano ipod game?

In my opinion the best nano game is maze. It is amzing! You can tilt the nano to get the ball into the hole around obstikles!

What iPod Nano?

What is an Ipod Nano? The iPod Nano (trademarked, marketed, and stylized as iPod nano) is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of the iPod Nano was introduced in the end of 2005 as a replacement for the iPod mini.

Which iPod came first iPod nano iPod mini iPod shuffle?

ipod nano

Does an iPod Nano use nanotechnology?

no an ipod nano is not a ipod its an iphone

Can you buy games on your iPod?

Well it depends on what iPod you have iPod touch: yes iPod nano: yes iPod classic: yes iPod shuffle: no New touchscreen nano: no The iPod touch has the largest and best range of games. But the classic and nano games are good as well I hope this answer your question.

Best iPod Nano 4th generation games?

The ipod nano 4g comes with 3 games-Maze,Vortex and Klondike.In my opinion the best game is Maze.You rotate your ipod and try to get a ball in a hole.For more info go to ipod nano 4g games and then select "Apple iPod nano 4G MP3 Player Review - Everything USB".

What is the difference between iPod and iPod Nano?

=an ipod nano is smaller than an ipod=

Was the iPod Shuffle before the iPod Nano?

The iPod Nano is before the iPod Shuffle.

Where can one purchase a pink iPod Nano?

Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Walmart are just a few of the places you can buy a pink iPod Nano. The Ipod nano is the thinnest Ipod ever made and starts at just 149 dollars.

Which ipod nano is best?

3rd 4th or 5th

What is the best you pod?

Ipod Nano 1st Hands On

Where is the iPod Nano sold?

Best Buy, Costco

Who made the iPod Nano?

who made the ipod nano?

How do you unfreeze an ipod nano?

how do you unfreeze a iPod nano

Where can you buy the iPod Nano?

The ipod nano is available at many different retailers. Kmart, Radio Shack, and Best Buy all carry the ipod nano. You could also buy it directly from the apple store.

Where can one find a green iPod Nano?

There are many places where one can purchase a green iPod Nano. One can purchase a green iPod Nano at major electronics stores like Best Buy or Amazon.

Was the ipod nano the first ipod?

The iPod nano was not the first iPod; the iPod classic (at that time the iPod) was the first.

Does iPod nano's have a camera?

No, the original ipod nano does not but there is a new ipod nano which does.

Is it better to gt the iPod Classic or the ne iPod Nano?

ipod nano

What are some apps for the ipod nano?

actually , you can get apps depending on which generation nano you have, i recently got the latest ipod nano and have downloaded an app which is basically guitar hero. in my opinion , it's the best app for the ipod of that type. :)