Which is better - the iPad or the iPod Touch - and why?

The answer is dependent upon what you intend to use it for.

For example:

The iPad supports Wireless-N technology while the iPhone supports up to Wireless-G.
The iPad supports up to a 64 gig flash drive while the iPhone supports up to 32 gigs.

While this may seem like the iPad is technologically superior, and technically it is, it may simply be a factor that the iPad has more room to put this technology into the space it provides as compared to the iPhone/iPod touch.

But then again maybe it's not, and they're saving this for the next generation of the iPhone. It's impossible to tell with Apple, which is why the rumor mill always churns at full speed with this company due to their secrecy. But to be honest, my iPhone doesn't need to connect at wireless-N speeds. If I needed something with that much speed, I'd own a laptop and a 4G wireless card.

One thing I'd consider an upgrade personally is that there is no proximity sensor in the iPad. I've lost count how many times I've hit the 'home' button on my iPhone only to have it open an icon on my bottom menu because my knuckle was near the screen, without actually touching it.

All in all, if you need a "light computer" go with the iPad, if you MUST select an Apple product. Otherwise, the iPhone/iPod touch should work for you fine.

On the i pad you cant get on anything flash (no facebook) you cant open or have anything .jpg (most pictures, songs, documents) you cant multitask (having to things open at once, so you have to completely shut off the internet to open a picture) for reading books on the iPad, you have to have PERFECT lighting or the glossy screen will make it nearly impossible. They say the battery lasts up to 10 hours, which would be great if you could buy a replacement battery so that you wouldn't have to wait 12 hours for it to charge! So, the iPad is pretty much just a big iPod touch with less functionality!! NOT worth the money!

Apple products don't support flash because that's Apple's decision. Steve Jobs himself claimed that flash was 'too buggy' and therefore wouldn't support it on an Apple platform, so regardless of what you choose, you won't get flash. You simply get facebook on the iPhone/iPod touch because, pardon the cliche, 'there's an app for that.'

Personally, for the price, I'd just buy a laptop. Why spend 700 bucks for a 64 gig iPad with limited capability when you can buy a full-on Windows 7 laptop like mine for 100 bucks more that supports blu-ray playback, a 17.5" screen, a far larger hard drive, etc?

While I think Apple hit a home run with the iPhone (I LOVE mine, and how many 'iPhone killers' have come and gone?), however, I see the iPad being as big a flop as AppleTV.

It really depends. The iPod Touch is way more convenient if you are constantly on the go or use it in the car, away from home, on airplanes, etc. It also charges faster and is (obviously) less bulky.
The iPad is good for if you want to read, play games while looking at details (doodleBuddy would be fun on an iPad) and have a way easier keyboard. However, it would be really bulky in say the car, would break easily, considering its size and weight bc ppl would drop it. Also if you brought it on an airplane ppl would steal it while you were in the lavatory, basically guaranteed. And it charges way slow and would be hard to play games like DoodleJump and CatchTheEgg on. But Cupcakes! would be fun. ;] so I guess it really depends on your taste and what your gonna use it for.

you guys are all wrong the iPad is better because you can do more things than an iPod touch can. but my friend always says they are technically the same thing because it's like the iPod is a cheaper and miniature iPad. but i choose iPad