Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Which is better BBA or BBS?

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BBA Is far better then BBS....

During the past, most of the commerce students took B.comfor their graduation, but nowadays they have many options like BBA, BBS and BFIA. BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, BBS stands for Bachelor of Business Studies and BFIA stands for Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis. Since several options are available to commerce students, they get confused as to choose which course. Of the four courses, BBA is regarded as the best course and this is because of the following reasons:

  • When compared to the other three courses, BBA goes beyond bookish knowledge. It sharpens the managerial ability of the students through industry visits, case studies, presentations, etc…
  • Since in the final year of the BBA course, students will have to do project work, they will be able to face real-life situations, which will be of great help to the students when they are in the lookout for job opportunities.
  • Most of the syllabus covered in the BBA course is similar to that of MBA course. Moreover, in the BBA course, the students will be able to get practical experience in the form of summer placements, industrial visits, presentations, projects, etc… which the students of the other courses like BFIA, BBS or (hons) will not be able to get.
  • When a student wishes to do MBA after his bachelor's degree, going for BBA would be the better option for him as compared to other three courses. This is because most of the top universities give preference to BBA graduates as compared to the other course in the MBA admission process.
  • BBA would be the better option for a student who is very much interested in administrative line as compared to the other three courses.
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Why BBA is better than BBs?

The scope of BBA and BBs are different. Meaning BBA has broad scope as compared to BBs. The worth of BBA is more in the market when compared with BBs. Mainly the main thing is scope.

Is bba sample papers available in market?

yes it is available ---- upakar publishers PC aggarwal, BBA & BBs entrance book

What is the scope of commerce without maths?

bbs btm bba hotel managment

Is BBA better than MBA?

Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

Is UPES BBA better than Amity BBA?

UPES is a better university... It offers a range of interesting BBA programs like: BBA Auto Marketing BBA Aviation Operations BBA Digital Marketing BBA Financial Services Marketing BBA Foreign Trade BBA Logistics Management BBA Oil & Gas Marketing BBA Retail Management These programs are rarely available in any university with good, experienced faculty.

Which one is better to take Bsc Economics OR BBA Hons?

BSc economics is better than BBA due to Governmental prestige considered in Bsc economics but not in BBA.

Is a BBA better than a BA?


What is the difference between bba and bbe?

what is the diffence between bbe and bba. which one is better for career prospects.

What is better - BFIA or BBA?


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Which degree is better bba or bbm or bca in India?


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BBA ofcourse,bcoz bba has guaranted degree and can pusue MBA,but if we go only on CA,we cant be guaranteed that we gonna succeed better complete BBA & MBA first then if u still want to go on with CA u can pursue it at any age as eligibility for CA is only 10+2.As we know BBa graduates are paid higher amount in MNC's.

Is bba better than b.s in economics?

Both the degree have their own scope. If we talk about facts and figures than BBA have a slightly upper edge.

What is the scope of electronic engineering in Pakistan and as well as in rest of the world and is bba better than this or not and which has wider scope?

i think in future scope of electronic engineering will be better than bba in pakistan and rest of the world

What course is better BBA or BCom after 12th?

two of these are better... if u are intrested in bba you can go for that , but according to ur future if u select bba and go for a mba u will have well good salary job than the the private sector... if like bcom will get normal salary which is secured

Which degree is better a BSc or a BBA degree?

can i known semistre 6 subject

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For the source and detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section indicated below.better to join in bba are bbm

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Bcom or bba which is better?

Getting a job right now is one of the biggest problems, at such times only higher education can be the only help.If you are looking for a bachelor’s degree and wanted to start your career in a great field, then BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration course is the right option for you.

What are the subject in BBA?

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Is bca or bba or bbm which is better?

B.TECH in CSE,ECE & MECH is better than the above courses for bright future.

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