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Which is better B 15 or G 15 lenses?

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A 5 litre V12 engine. the one in the Mercedes.
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What are G-15 XLT lenses on rayban sunglasses?

It specifies the color of the lens . From a RayBan customer service employee: The B15 is a brown lens and the G15 is agrey/green lens. Both lenses allow 15% light through

What are B-15 XLT lenses on Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Answer Ray-Ban's B-15 lens indicates that it is a brown lens. There also exists the G-15, which is a gray lens. Both offer 100% UV blocking, with the brown lens offering just

What is a G-15 XLT sunglass lense?

The G-15 or G15 XLT is a Green-Gray lens that is the most popular general purpose lenses and used by a huge variety of sunglass makers. The 15 refers to the amount of light al

Are ray ban G-15 XLT lenses polarized?

No I don't think so... One says it is the other not... Only the ones that say polarized are... That's all i can wear, so I am very picky. ray-ban's G15 and B15 lens are not

Who is you-15?

no one knows because they only have one song out

Which is better B-15 or G-15 lenses?

B-15 and G-15 both refer to specific colored sunglasses lenses. The B-15 are brown in color, which offers slightly heightened contrast as they block a bit more of the blue col

How do g 15 xlt lenses compare to polarized lenses?

A polarized lens cuts more reflected glare but the actualprotection of polarized lenses and G15 lenses are the same.Polarized sunglass lenses reduce glare reflected off roads,

Which is better an AR 15 or a M4?

they are bothe very similar but i would have to say the m4 because of higher power and it is used by the military not like the ar-15 which is mostly used by law enforcement. I

Is 15 15 vision better than 20 20?

I'm not an opthamologist, but I believe that 15/15 is no better nor worse than 20/20. 15/15 means that at 15 feet distance from the chart, you see what the average person woul
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What can you do at 15?

You can be a bag boy or girl......
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15 b b in p?

sry dudes and dudets i am a little kid i dnt even know what that means just playing .
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Why are you 15?

because ypu are lol