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A cable internet connection is best unless you live very close to a DSL hub. Regular cable internet is faster than high speed DSL in most cases and high speed cable is even faster.

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IVC Telecom offers both cable and DSL internet plans

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Q: Which is better, DSL broadband internet connection, or cable internet connection?
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What a broadband Internet connection is?

Broadband internet connection are internet connections that are "high speed" non dial-up connection. i.e : Cable internet , DSL internet , Satellite internet

What is the most widely used type of home broadband connection?

The most widely used type of broadband connection is cable internet access. Cable internet access users make up 60% of the internet market.

Is cable broadband internet better than DSL broadband internet?

Cable broadband internet is not always better than DSL broadband. Many times, it depends upon the company that you are using.

Can you use O2 mobile broadband to connect my PS3 to the internet?

Internet connection on the PS3 requires Broadband WiFi or Ethernet Cable Connection and not a connection trying to use USB Port

What are Wired Broadband?

What is a Wired Broadband? Simply put, a wired connection is when two electrical commodities are connected through a wire or cable. Hence, as the name suggests, a wired broadband is when there is a physical connection between your network and the network of your internet service provider.

What is meant by broadband connection?

A broadband connection means a way of connecting to the Internet without having to dial up a connection. Furthermore, a broadband connection is always on.

What is the difference between broadband and internet?

Broadband is the connection to the Internet which can be wireless or cable

What kind of connection is smart broadband internet is it cable modem dsl isdn t1 t3?

cable modem

What do you need to get the ps3 to have a wired internet connection?

u need a broadband connection & an ethernet cable . and ether a modem or router or both

Do you need a modem for the PS3?

No if you want internet connection on a PS3 you need an internet service provider with Broadband Cable or DSL and the equipment needed to have a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

How does wireless broadband Internet connect to the Internet?

Cable/phoneline---->Cable/Dsl Modem---->Wireless Broadband router

What cable type is used by a CATV broadband connection?

RG-59 is the most common coaxial cable used for broadband CATV connection.

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