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Which is better Monster beats by Dr Dre or extra bass headphones?


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May 13, 2012 2:18AM

Well, i'd have to say that the beats are very good quality. But i also really like the extra bass, they are very well constructed as well... but because of the base on the beats i would rate the 5 stars. On the extra basses i would have to give them 4.5 stars. I also like the veriety on the beats: Monster, Solo, Custom, Multiple Colors, Sport teams and a whole lot more. But i also feel like the basses are more classy. So it was really close and its more of a tie. Beats Pro's: Great Base, Amazing quality, Good colors, Customizable. Beat Con's: Charge, expensive ( $100.00 - $300.00). Alright time for the extra basses. Basses Pro's: High quality, Classy, cumfertable, nice sound. Basses Con's: Not alot of color, cushions, kind of expesive (-$180.00). Thats all I have to say about those two great sets of headphones!