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Well, Tekken 5 DR is much cheaper than Tekken 6 at the moment. In Tekken 5 DR, you start with all of the characters so if you want all of them to start with go for Tekken 5 DR.

If you already have Tekken 5 for PS2, then you should get Tekken 6.

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Where can you get tekken 5 dark resurrection?

Tekken 5 is a PS2 game and Tekken Dark Resurrection is a PSP game both are available on Amazon for around $15

How can you unlock jinpachi mishima in tekken dark resurrection for psp?

There is no way you can use jinpachi except if you use cwcheat(PSP)you can only use jinpachi in tekken dark resurrection PS3

How do you unlock Lili in tekken 5 on Playstation 2?

You can't, she first appears in Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP.

How do you unlock jinpachi in tekken on ps2?

You can't you can only unlock him on Tekken 5 Dark resurrection for PSP and PS3 (downloaded)

Is tekken 6 psp game sharing?

Tekken 6, HAS NO GAME SHARING FEATURE, unlike T5 Dark Resurrection.

There is no Lili in tekken game PlayStation 2?

Lili does not appear in the PlayStation 2 Tekken games (Tekken 4, Tekken 5). She first appears in Tekken Dark Resurrection for PSP.

How can you unclok jinpacji in tekken 5?

On PS2 you can't you can only unlock him on Tekken 5 Dark resurrection for PSP and PS3 (download).

Do they still have devil within in tekken 5 dark resurrection on psp?

No.They've taken Devil Within out, and got Tekken Dojo, and the Ghost system in.

How do you get jinpachi in Tekken 5 dark resurrection for psp?

actually you cant get jinpachi . u can only get him on the ps3 or xbox360 version

How do you activate epilogue stories on tekken dark resurrection on psp?

go to the theatre and select the person u want to get the epiloge from and then buy it

Is tekken resurrection on PS2?

No Dude, Sorry. Only PSP and PS3.

Is there any cheats for Tekken dark resurrection?

There isn't any as far as I know. http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/psp/code/932102.html

Where can you find the pics for the Tekken Dark Resurrection PSP Character Customisations?

Hey guys, (lol this isn't the answer) Just wanted pics of the Tekken Dark Resurrection characters with their possible costume changes, for an example check out the homepage of http://tekken-dark-resurrection.piczo.com, if your scroll right a bit, you'll see what I mean, also, if possible, could they be in English :P Thanks SOOO much in advance!!!

How do you play as jinpachi in tekken dark resurrection on psp without hacks or cw cheat?

you have to use devil jin and get to stage 1000.also you have to defeat jinpachi in that stage it works for me and I hope it works for you

How do you complete tekken 6 on PSP?

There is no real "Completion" since all characters are unlocked from the start. I suppose you could just get all items from the shop, beat NANCY, get all characters to Tekken God status, and complete all Story modes, but there's no real "complete". Tekken 6 PSP is strictly for people who enjoy fighting endlessly, cuz there are no real extra modes to distract you like in Dark Resurrection or the console Tekken 6. I prefer the PSP version because there is no extra garbage. Its just pure fighting action and that's all Tekken should ever be.

When will Tekken 6 for PSP release?

Tekken 6 for PSP is available since November 2009.

Is there a tekken 6 on PSP?

Yes Tekken 6 is on PSP. Even the Tekken 6 BR version can be played in PSP. There's a certain framware version that can read the game in PSP. It must not be below 5.3.

Can psp play tekken 6 br scanerio mode?

No, there is no scenario mode in Tekken 6 for psp

When tekken tag tournament 2 release on psp?

yeah i want tekken tag 2 in PsP.(--.--)

When will be Tekken 6 BR available in PSP?

It should be since Tekken DR was on the PSP AND that it says in the trailers what consoles its going to be on and PSP is one of them.

Is tekken 6 for the ps2?

No PS2 cannot read Tekken 6. Tekken 6 is released for PS3. Tekken 6 is also playable for PSP and PSP Go. You can also play Tekken 6 in Xbox 360.

When is tekken 6 coming to psp?

Tekken 6 is available on PSP version 6.0 since November 2009.

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