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Which is better shaving pubic hair or natural?


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This depends on what you consider "better." Shaving pubic hair can be very convenient because it is more comfortable and clean cut than having an excessive amount of hair on your pubic area. On the other hand, shaving pubic hair too often can result in having ingrown hairs (which lead to scarring), itching, and an uncomfortable feeling.

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No ofc not!! Haha!! But sometimes you get a little cut but don't worry!! Aww, please!!

Don't listen to them, hun, shave all you like. You know, pubic hair is part of growing up so be the bigger person and say, 'I AM OLDER THAN YOU! I DONT GIVE A BLOOP ABOUT YOU!'

Pubic hair can be removed usually through the process of either shaving or waxing.

There is no age limit on shaving your pubic hair, if you're old enough to have pubic hair then you can shave. It should however be noted that pubic hair shouldn't be shaved as it's there to help protect the genitals and shaving risks various problems including ingrown hairs or cysts. Pubic hair is there for a reason, there is absolutely no need to shave your pubic hair.

i shave my pubic hair a lot so of course its not feminie

Yes. It helps greatly to reduce irritation.

== == Wax, shaving and trimming with a shaving machine Wax, shaving and trimming with a shaving machine

Because pubic lice can affect other nearby hairy areas, shaving pubic hair is not sufficient to completely prevent pubic lice. If you have had intimate contact with someone with pubic lice, you should be treated.

"The best ways to go for hair removal are laser hair removal, pubic hair waxing or shaving. These are the best recommended ways for removing pubic hair."

Once you start growing pubic hair, if you stop shaving it, it will grow back. There is no medical reason you need to continue shaving, but ou should watch out for ingrown hairs as the hair grows back. An ingrown hair can become infected and painful.

Shaving your pubic hair can make the area very itchy. After a few days, when the hair begins to grow back, it itches like crazy. This is one reason why many women prefer to wax the area, instead of shaving.

By shaving it that should it make come in thicker

In hot climates it can be more hygienic.

Shaving, Waxing, or chemical hair removers! :D

I recommend not shaving them because i heard it just makes them REALY itchy and uncomfortable;)

Not shaving, will cause a stink to stay around. But just clean it often with a little bit of soap and water. Shaving will help reduce the smell.

Yes and no. If you are not cleaning you pubic hair or you vagina as a whole, you will get an infection on the urethral portion. Sometimes it is best to shave the pubic hair to make it clean and no urine stagnation.

No, but it may make it appear darker because instead of the natural thin ends, you're seeing the thicker part of the hair shaft.

They would understand that pubic hair is natural and occurs with every human being. If it's bothersome to you, shaving or waxing is always an option.

sure. Curved males can also shave.

Yes, I think pubic hair is natural.

Shaving pubic hair wil not effect its further growth. having shaved at 11 wil have no effect on it at age 13. it is the way it was going to be anyway.

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