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Energy drinks and water each have their own benefits. Whether which would be 'better' depends on the occassion. For outdoor activities, energy drinks may be helpful; otherwise, water would probably be good enough.

Energy drinks contain chemicals, including caffeine and an excess of sugar. Therefore, it is likely that an over-consumption of energy drinks may lead of obesity due to the high sugar content. In addition, some energy drinks include artificial colourings to give it a more attractive appearance, e.g. yellow-coloured energy drinks may contain Tartrazine, which is an artificial food additive which has been linked to hyperactivity in children.

However, energy drinks contains essential minerals such as sodium and so on. It replenishes our energy and also the salts in our body which have been lost through sweating. It also helps us to rehyrate and has thirst quenching effects which may be helpful to those who do outdoor activities.

On the other hand, water is very important in our health. It makes up, on average, 60 percent of our body weight. Every system in our body really depends on water. Lack of water can lead us to dehydration, a certain condition that occurs when we don't have enough water in our body. Instead of drinking energy drinks we have to drink eight glasses of water every day. As they said, eight glasses of water keeps fat away.
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Is a dog better off drinking from a salt water pool or a chlorine pool?

It doesn't matter, assuming the chlorine level in both pools is the same. A salt water pool still uses chlorine, though it's generated from an inline chlorine generator that generated chlorine from the salt in the pool (which then gets converted back to salt after oxidizing ammonia). Salt water, by ( Full Answer )

Is water or milk better to drink?

I believe we need water more than milk for our bodies to function efficiently. And lots of people have trouble digesting dairy products. So I think water is better. but I love milk! Answer "Better" is a highly subjective. Better for what? For hydration, for the "I'm running a marathon, what's bes ( Full Answer )

Is tepid water better for you to drink than cold water?

There are different opinions concerning this topic because their effects are somewhat different. But majority agree that tepid water is more effective than cold water. You can read their effects in detail here: http://scienceray.com/biology/ecology/drinking-cold-water-or-warm-water-which-one-is-m ( Full Answer )

What is in Energy drinks?

depends on the energy drink Like the Monster energy drink that only a little bit of energy then it drops you or whatever people feel like after Sobe energy drinks have way more antioxidents, herbs, taurine, that's not all just go to Red bull energy drinks give you nothing but a little fat and sug ( Full Answer )

What can energy drinks do to you?

They are usually little more than caffeine, often with other stimulants related to ephedra. So the first thing they do to you is make you poor by causing you to spend several dollars on what you could get with a cup of coffee and a few Sudafed. Side effects can include making you nervous and jitt ( Full Answer )

Whish drink is better Gatorade or water?

GATORADE may taste better than water but if you are doing a large amount of sport i would recommend water for these reasons 1) water is cheaper that Gatorade 2) It has no sugar unlike Gatorade so you will put on no calories 3) water can come from a tap at the gym if you run out of Gatorade that's is ( Full Answer )

Is Water or Gatorade better to drink after an activity?

After exercise, especially after intense exercise, you sweat and lose electrolytes, as well as water. Drinking water plain will replenish and hydrate you, but not replace electrolytes. Drinking Gatorade or another "sports drink" will both hydrate you and replenish electrolytes. However, Gatorade and ( Full Answer )

Is water or orange juice better to drink with your breakfast I bring breakfast to school but now i notice that i am drinking it with water should i drink it with orange juice instead?

It really depends. Both water and oragne juice are good for you. There are reasons for drinking both of them.. For OJ, it is a fairly healthy drink. It has plenty of vitamin C, which your body needs. If you take a dietary supplement vitamin, you probably get enough vitamin C by itself.. For water, ( Full Answer )

What is a energy drink?

I think energy drinks full of vitamins, sugar, glucose high in fructose, food coloring and other preservatives. thats all

Does tap water naturally become better drinking water after it sits for a period of time?

To the best of my knowledge most tap water contains chlorine, which is added at a water treatment plant in order to kill bacteria and other unhealthy organisms. If you allow tap water to sit for an extended period of time (dependent on amount of water..approx. 1-2 days per gallon), the chlorine will ( Full Answer )

Is vitamin water an energy drink?

Only one VitaminWater flavor has energy drink-like characteristics. The energy (b vitamins +guarana) tropical citrus VitaminWater has 50mg of natural caffeine and 25 mg of guarana per 20 oz bottle.

What energy drinks have in them?

well, energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull all have three key ingridients. Taurine, Caffeine, and B-vitams. Taurine is a non-essential amino acid that is found in meat, fish and eggs. caffeine is a stimulant that regulates hearts beat and is found in Cola, Coffee and other places. a 12 ounce c ( Full Answer )

Will a 16.9 bottle of water flush out an energy drink out a 16.9 can of monster energy drink out of the body?

no. once you ingest the energy drink, the vitamins are absorbed along with the caffeine. how long it stays in your body depends on your weight, size and metabolism. the slower your metabolism, the longer it will stay. the liquid portion of the drink, the water, will get flushed out through your kidn ( Full Answer )

Which water is better for you to drink?

There is a debate about which water is best to drink. Filteredwater and reverse osmosis is considered the best to drink. Springwater and tap water is considered the least.

Why is wind energy better than water energy?

Wind energy is not better than water energy. They are both very similar in that they are: . free (after the initial cost of the turbines) . sustainable (they won't run out) . renewable (they are still there tomorrow even if we use them completely today) . If there is no wind, then the wind ( Full Answer )

What is the history of soft drinks being better for plants than water?

Generally, water is the best option for irrigating plants. But that isn't true if the water's contaminated , highly processed and treated , or recycled from bathroom sewage . In cases such as the preceding, soft drinks may be helpful, as long as they aren't applied ice cold. For plants need to be ( Full Answer )

What is better to drink bottled water or tap water?

It depends really, some bottled water is just a more pure tap. Some include vitamins that may not be found in tap water. Honestly, one should just buy a water purifier that can be mounted to ones sink. The filter will clean about as much gunk out of the water as their industrial filters, also it is ( Full Answer )

How do you treat tap water to make better drinking water?

Install a reverse osmosis filtration system to improve water quality. (usually costs about $300-400 installed) This reduces or eliminates most contaminants that cause water to taste bad. Sometimes you have to have other filtration items installed as well, depending on your personal water supply. ( Full Answer )

Is cold water or hot water better to drink for colds?

well if you have the cold of course hot water is better because when you are sick you usually eat or drink hot things like tea and soup and if you do drink cold water you are not helping your body your only making it worse by the way if you are drinking water straight from the tap etc don't make it ( Full Answer )

Is drinking lukewarm water better than drinking cold water?

Over the years I have hear dozens of theories about this. I have heard the number one myth that it is hard on your kidneys. Any temperature (not too hot) is safe for the human bodies. You can even eat snow safely.

Which drinking water better RO or distilled?

RO is better than distilled water because RO water just has germs and bacteria removed from it but not the essential salts for the body. But the distilled water is salt less water and it is very dangerous to drink because it is so pure that it could burn the mucous in your mouth and damage other ( Full Answer )

Are energy drinks better than sport drinks?

The best thing for you to drink would be water. however; there is still a lot of sugar in Gatorade, which is better tasting! Thus it would be better for both re-hydration and your overall health.

Which is better to drink Coca-Cola or water?

Water is a lot better for you and you need it to survive and coca cola is really bad for you and soda just hurts your body so water but every once in a while you can coca cola.

Does a plant grow faster with water or an energy drink?

Plants grow faster with water because, it can get its own glucose through photosynthesis. On the other side energy drinks are full of weird colors and stuff anyway, which wouldn't help the plant to grow but the energy in the drink would probably give the plant the energy to grow faster. Water is fre ( Full Answer )

Why is water a better choice of renewable energy?

Water is a superb source of renewable engine if we know how to help it to do so. In the simplest case the Sun warms the surface of Earth, and the water which is on it in the form of seas, lakes, rivers, wet surface soil.In so doing the Sun is transferring its radiated heat energy to turn water into ( Full Answer )

What one better to drink icy water or cold water?

Neither one. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicaltradition, you should only drink liquids that are at least roomtemperature. Cold liquids tend to make us dehydrated andconstipated. Warm liquids help the digestive system do its job awhole lot easier.

Are energy drinks better for you than decaf coffee?

Absolutely not. Energy drinks contain ingredients that have not been tested for food safety. Taurine, for instance, which appears in most energy drinks is used to stabilize paint.

Is water electric better than coal energy?

Ya, its less expensive & doesn't use fossil fuels. ANS2: "Better" is a funny word. If you dam up a river to fill a lake necessary to produce electricity, what have you done to that river's ecosystem? Is there sufficient hydroelectric energy to run the economy? Coal is abundant and can suppl ( Full Answer )

What does a energy drinks do?

Mainly nothing; it's at least 90% marketing. Some "energy drinks" contain high levels of caffeine or other(usually relatively mild) stimulants as well as carbohydrates,which is where the "energy" comes from: your body normally getsmost of its energy from metabolizing carbohydrates, and thestimulant ( Full Answer )