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Which is bigger Mars or Mercury?

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Mars diameter is 6792 km, while Mercurys diameter is 4879 km, so Mars is bigger. Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets, Mars is the second smallest after Mercury.

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Mars is bigger than Mercury. Mars is almost the same size as the Earth. Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon.

Yes, Mars is bigger than Mercury.

Mars is bigger than Mercury so it has a larger gravitational pull.

No there are no moons in the solar system bigger than Mars. Ganymede and Titan are the only moons in the solar system that are bigger than Mercury but not Mars.

Mercury has a diameter of 3,745 km (4,208 miles)Mars has a diameter of 6,772 km (4,208 miles)Read more: Is_Mercury_bigger_than_MarsYes, Mars is bigger than Mercury.

Yes, Mars is larger than Ganymede but mercury is not

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Uranus.

1905 km larger in diameter

Mercury has a diameter of 3,745 km (4,208 miles)Mars has a diameter of 6,772 km (4,208 miles)Resulting in Mars close to double the size/diameter of Mercury.Earth is actually the biggest planet of the Outer Planets. Our sister planet (Venus) comes close, then Mars and Mercury.

Mars, because Mercury is the smallest planet we have now either than pluto when it used to be a planet. Hope this helped! Caleigh (kay-lee)

Largely because it is bigger. The radius of Mars is about half again as large as that of Mercury, the mass about twice as great (remember that volume scales as the cube of radius).

The order of Mercury ,Venus and Mars by size is: Mercury ,Mars and Venus

Mercury is away from mars Mercury is away from mars THAT IS A STUPID ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 169,900,000 km

Both Earth's moon and Mercury are larger than Pluto yet smaller than Mars.

Earth > Venus > Mercury > Mars

Mercury is smaller than Mars, all of the other planets are larger. That means Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all larger than Mars.

No. Titan has a diameter of 5,140 km and Mars is 6,787 km. That makes Mars larger than Titan. But Titan is bigger than Pluto and Mercury.

Mercury is closer to the sun than mars

Mercury is smaller than Mars. While Mars has two moons orbiting it, Mercury has none. Mercury has a hotter surface temperature than Mars due to the fact that it is closer to the Sun.

Earth is much bigger than Mars

sun>moon Earth>moon moon>Pluto Jupiter<sun Jupiter>mercury, venus, earth, mars, Saturn, uranus, neptune, Pluto earth>mars Callisto(One of Jupiter's moons)>Mercury

Ganymede is bigger than Mercury.

Mars is only about a third larger than Mercury, having 1.34 times the surface area of Mercury. Mars-6,788 km Mercury-4,880 km

Mercury is the first planet from the sun, Mars is the fourth.

Mercury is warm but Mars is not there could be water on Mars there are ice sheets on the N/S poles of Mars too

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