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925 is sterling silver, NOT gold. 585 is 14K gold.

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Q: Which is expensive 925 or 585 white gold jewelry?
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Does 585 have anything to do with diamond jewelry?

585 is most likely the stamp of the gold in the Jewelry. 585 stands for 14kt gold.

What does AKSU-585 on a jewelry mean?

585 means 14k gold jewelry. I was wondering myself.

What if jewelry is stamped vl 585?

585 stands for 14k gold, 14k is 58.5% gold. the vl is the makers mark.

Difference between 925 versus 585 white gold which is expensive?

925 is not even is sterling silver. 585 is 14K gold. As of today, 3/4/10, sterling is 17.70 an ounce and gold is 1132.00 an ounce.

What does gold 585 mean?

It means that the piece of gold jewelry has a content of 58.5% gold, which is 14kt gold.

What does 585 Italy mean on gold bracelet?

585 stamped on jewelry is 14k. 14 karat jewelry is 58.5 percent pure gold. So it can be stamped 14k or 585. 10k = 41.6% or 416 14k = 58.5% or 585 18k = 75% or 750 22k = 91.6% or 916

Vintage 585 jewelry?

the 585 stamp on any jewelry piece refers to 58.5% parts being 14k,and the rest being alloy,which is used on any gold except 24 karat gold which is pure.

What are the Symbols for gold jewelry jewelry?

14K, 18K, 9ct are the most popular you will also see 585 for 14k gold and 750 for 18k.

What does arr585 stamped on jewelry mean?

The numeric 585 on gold means 14k. (585 parts gold out of 1000). The ARR is likely a jewelers makers mark.

What does 585 stamped on jewelry mean?

On a gold ring the stamp 585 is meant to indicate that it is 58.5%, or 14 karat gold. However, I urge anyone wishing to buy jewelry to be very careful when judging gold by the marking. If you are dealing with a reputable jewelry store or jeweler, you are probably safe.

What does an 595 stamp on a piece of jewelry mean?

It almost always means that the piece of jewelry is Gold Plated over a Silver piece of Jewelry I work in the jewelry business and the above answer is incorrect. 585 is the stamp for a peice that is 14K gold. If it is plated it will have additional letters such as GE for gold electroplate or GF for gold filled. If it is stamped 585 P that stands for plum and has been tested to be 14K solid gold.

What does 595 Italy stamped on jewelry?

Please check the numbers closely. 585 is the Italian standard hallmark for 14K gold. it stands for 58.5% or 585/1000 pure gold in the item. 585 is frequently misread as 595.

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