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The marlin. It has a much better cardio system. Some sharks however are pretty impressive though. Ever seen a Great White hunting sea lions? It leaps right up out of the water.

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Why can a blue marlin swim faster than a basking shark?

Oh yes. A Basking Shark is set on permanent cruise control.

What is faster a blue Marlin or a Dolphin?

a blue marlin

Is a mako shark faster than a sail fish?

No, the Mako shark is the 5th fastest fish while the sailfish is 2nd fastest. The black marlin is considered the fastest.

Is a leopard shark faster than a mako shark?

If by Leopard Shark you mean Triakis semifasciata then no, the Mako Shark is faster.

Who is faster a squid or a shark?


Who faster run Shark and whale?

A shark by far is faster than a whale.

Is a great white faster than a tiger shark?

the great white shark is faster.

What are the biggest fishes in the world?

The whale shark, basking shark, Greenland shark, white shark, ocean sunfish or aka "Mola Mola', the black marlin.

What eats a blue marlin?

A white shark and the shortfin mako

Can a whale swim faster than a shark?

NO!A whale cant swim faster than a shark.

What is the heaviest fish that is not a shark?

Black marlin, over 1300 pounds.

What is a large dangerous fish?

Shark Marlin Tuna Whale Shark Grouper Any large fish can be dangerous to humans.

What fish are found in barbados?

shark mahi mahi dolphin tuna marlin

Is a marlin stronger than a shark?

no, it all the time gets eaten by sharks

Who did Marlin meet after Dory in finding nemo?

Bruce (great white shark)

Who is faster shark or paranha?


Which animal is faster in the water a shark or a penguin?

It depends on what kind of shark or penguin, but penguins are WAY more likely to swim faster.

What is worldes largest ocean creatures?

The blue whale is the largest creature ever to live, presently known to science. Other whales are next, followed by whale shark, basking shark, and white shark. Black marlin, blue marlin, bluefin tuna are other large sea creatures.

Which is faster a sharrk or crocodile?

A shark is much faster than a crocodile.

Is a rifle bullet faster than a shark?

Yes - much faster.

What is faster a shark or penguin?

Usain Bolt

Is a cheetah faster than a shark?


Can a fish swim faster than a shark?


What is more faster a shark or a dolphin?


How is a shark faster swimer than tiger?

the shark has fins and gills so it can move faster because a shark fin is very strong so can push water out of the way quickere than a tiger.