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hot water drops faster because themolecules presser it witch makes it go faster

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cold water freezes fasterHot freezes faster than cold.Cold water freezes faster.

They dissolve faster in hot water.

Hot water runs faster than cold water because the molecules in hot water makes it go faster than cold water.

It has been proven that hot water freezes faster than cold water.

Hot water gets frozen faster than cold water dose. I just did the experiment and found that after awhile cold water freezes faster than hot water.

powder dissolve faster in hot water than in cold water

Molecules move faster in hot water than cold water

coffee dissolves faster in hot water rather than in cold water, .....

Molecules spread faster in hot water than in cold water. In cold water, molecules are close to each other but in hot water they are loosely connected which makes them to spread faster.

Hot water boils faster because it is already hot.

It sinks faster in hot water than warm or cold

yes it will because the atoms are moving faster in hot water than in cold water

hot water has faster moving particales than cold water

Hot water does not dissolve. Neither does "cold". And, the grammatically correct question would be "Hot does hot water dissolve faster than cooler water."

Solid chemicals are dissolved faster in hot water.

salt dissolve faster in hot water

which water will freeze faster? cold water with salt or hot water with salt????

Cold air and hot water makes water freeze faster simply because the hot water is steaming and so the result is that there is less water to freeze. hot water = steam = less water less water = faster freeze cold air = faster freeze

Salt in both cases, and hot faster than cold water.

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