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Which is larger a 9mm bullet or a 30 bullet?


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May 23, 2008 3:09PM

The 9mm is larger, the caliber is 3.55, the .30 caliber is just that 3.08 calibers in the 30 range are not always the 30 caliber of the name of the caliber - such as 38 spcl is actually .357" - 9 mm is always .355" and is just slightly smaller than the 357 mag and 38 spcl at .357" - weight is highly variable also in 30 cal as they are often used for rifles so go from very light to very heavy - 9 mm weight doesnt vary as much as they are for handgun or submachine gun use only - also since 9 mm is almost always used in autoloaders the bullets are short to fit small magazines and be easy to autoload