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Deca is a prefix meaning 10.

Hence, a decameter is 10 meters, and therefore it is larger than a meter.

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What is larger 1 meter or decameter?

a decameter

Is a decameter bigger then a meter?

A decameter is 10 times larger than a meter. A decameter is 10 meters.

Is decameter is larger than a nonometer?

I think you mean decameter and nanometer a decameter is 10 meters a nanometer is one billionth of a meter so a decameter is 10 billion nanometers

Is decameter bigger than a meter?

is decameter bigger than a meter

Which unit is larger decimeter or decameter?


Decameter to meter?


Is a decameter longer than a meter?

Prefix 'deca' is used to denote multiples of meter and uses factor 101 or 10 Decameter is always longer than a meter as 1 decameter equals 10 meters

What is bigger then a meter?

a decameter a kilometer

Which is bigger a meter or decameter?

A decameter. It's ten meters, so is ten times bigger.

What is bigger a deca meter or millimeter?


What is the abbreviation for decameter?

The abbreviation for decameter is "dam", since the abbreviation of deka is da and the abbreviation of meter is m.

A decameter is 10 times the size of a decimeter?

Nope, a decameter is about 100x a decimeter (because the meter is in the middle)

What is the fraction of one meter to a decameter?


Is a kilometer larger than a decameter?


Which unit is larger kilometer micrometer centimeter or decimeter?

kilometer = 1000 meters decameter = 10 meters meter = 1/1000th kilometer ... approx 39.9 inches, just over a yard. decimeter = 1/10th meter centimeter = 1/100th meter millimeter = 1/1000th meter micrometer = 1/1000th millimeter - and - micrometer = 1/1,000,000 meter - one millionth of a meter. These are listed in size from largest to smallest. You did not ask about Meter, Decameter or Meter. By the way, in England it is called a Metre, not a Meter.

1 meter equals how many decameter?

0.1 decametres.

Which Is Larger millimeter centimeter kilometer decameter?


What is larger a decameter or a yard?

a decametre is 10 metres

How many times larger is a cubic decameter than a cubic meter?

A cubic decametre = 10 metre * 10 metres * 10 metres = 1000 cubic metres.

What is a unit of length close to a meter?

unit of length close to a meter is decameter and decimeter ,that Is, dam and dm.

How many meter in a decameter?

1 decametre (dekametre) = 10 metres.

How many decka meters are in a meter?

1 decameter = 10 Meters.

Is one meter larger or smaller than 1 dkm?

1 meter is smaller than a dekameter.1 dekameter (decameter), abbreviated dkm or dam is equal to 10 meters. Deka-/deca- means 10.

How many times larger is a kilometer than a decameter?


1 decameter equals How many decameters?

metre is just the correct spelling of meter. The US likes to use meter, but England uses metre. But to answer the question, decameter, decametre and dekameter are the same thing and are equivalent.