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Volleyball and Basketball are even!

They are both a fun sport and are watched!!!

Another question u might want to ask is

Is volleyball or soccer more popular well soccer is more popular and is watched more.

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Why is basketball more popular then volleyball?

Well basketball has more possibilities it can end with different things like a jump shot, dunk, lay-up etc. There are more moves in basketball as well than volleyball. Also basketball has more fans nad there is half-time shows and many more things you can get like prizes etc.

Is volleyball a popular sport in Brazil?

Yes, volleyball is very popular in Brazil. The top 5 popular sports in Brazil are: Foot volley, Tennis, Basketball, Auto racing, and Volleyball.

Popular sport at school?


What is difference between volleyball and basketball?

volleyball uses a volleyball and basketball uses a basketball.

What games are popular in Greece?

Football,basketball, polo,handball,volleyball..

What is the most popular sports for girls?

basketball and volleyball. Thats my opinion

What sports does Bulgaria have?

There are a lot of sports. The most popular is football. There are also volleyball wrestling basketball athletics and many more

What are some of the most popular sports played in California?

Soccer,Volleyball,Tennis,Basketball,and Etc.Basketball

What are the most popular sports in Germany?

soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and volleyball

What are the 3 most popular sports in Italy?

Basketball, volleyball, and Cycling are the most popular sports in Itlay

What is typically the favorite sport in Puerto Rico?

There is not a consensus. But the most popular ones are boxing, basketball, baseball and in the last years soccer is becoming as popular as volleyball or more.

What year was basketball more popular In?

Basketball get more popular every year.

What are popular team sports in china?

basketball, volleyball, baseball and criket are some of the popular team sports in china

Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?

There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

Where are the differences between basketball and volleyball?

In basketball you are dribbling a ball and shooting it in a hoop. In volleyball you are hitting a ball over a net. There are more differences, these are just a few.

What are the sports in Philippine?

The most popular sports in the Philippines are boxing and basketball. Soccer and volleyball are also very popular in the Philippines.

What is the most popular female sport?

The most popular womens sports are in order:SoccerTennisBasketballSoftballVolleyball

What are popular puerto rican sports?

Some of the most popular sports in Puerto Rico are basketball, baseball, volleyball, and boxing.

What is bigger basketball or volleyball?

basketball because they have longer and more stronger careers.They also get more fit and make more money. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you mean size, a basketball is bigger.

What are the worlds most popular sports?

Soccer and basketball probably. Maybe hockey, rugby, volleyball....

What are the most popular summer sports in the US?

soccer beach volleyball baseball basketball swimming

What is Italys sport?

Italy's most popular sport, by far is soccer. This is followed by volleyball and basketball.

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