Atoms and Atomic Structure

Which is more powerful ions or atoms?

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Wrong idea. Please clarify question if you can.

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Are ions the same as atoms?

Ions are atoms which have gained or lost one or more electrons.

How are ions different from atoms?

Atoms are neutral on the periodic table. Ions consist of more or less electrons than atoms.

How are molecules different than ions or atoms?

Molecules are two or more atoms joined together Ions are atoms that have gained or lost electrons

Are ions more stable than atoms?

Yes, Ions are more stable than atoms due to the gain of electrons which gives them a full shell.

Does NaCl have atoms or ions?

it has both atoms as well as ions.

How are atoms different from ions?

Ions have an electrical charge and atoms do not.

How are polyatomic ions different from monatomic ions?

Polyatomic Ions have 2 or more types of atoms in them. Monatomic Ions have ONLY ONE type of atom in them.

What is poly atomic ions?

ions that have more than one atoms eg: NH4+, SO42- etc.

What happens to neutral atoms if they become positive ions?

When neutral atoms (mostly metals) loose one or more electrons they become positively charged ions.

Is most atoms have more electrons than proton false or true?

False, all atoms have the same no of electrons and protons. Negative ions have more electrons. Positive ions have fewer electrons.

What is the difference between a monatomic ion and a polyatomic ion?

Monoatomic ions are ions that consist of one atom. While polyatomic ions are ions of 2 or more atoms.

Does milk contain ions or atoms?

Milk contains both atoms and ions.

Why do ions are more stable than their neutral atoms?

because they are negative

How do ions become positive?

Positive ions form when an atom or group of atoms loses one or more electrons.

Atoms that have a charge are called?

Atoms that have charge are called ions. Ions can have a positive,neutral, or negative charge. If an ion is in a neutral atom is loses one or more electrons.

What is the differenc between atoms and ions?

Atoms in natural form are always neutral while ions are charged atoms or group of atoms.

What are atoms and ions?

Atoms are the simplest form that an element exists. Ions are formed by adding or subtracting electrons by atoms. Atoms gain electrons to form negative ions (anions) and give electrons to form positive ions (cations).

What happens to metal atoms when they form ions?

the metal atoms become positively charged as they lose electrons to become ions. there is more protons than electrons hence causing the atom to become more positive.

3 types of atoms?

I would assume you mean (+) ions, (-) ions, and neutral atoms.

Why do ions form?

Ions form when atoms or groups of atoms lose or gain electrons.

Does an acid contain one or more hydroxide ions?

No, an Arrhenius base will contain one or more hydroxide ions. An acid will contain one or more hydrogen atoms.

Ions that are made of more than one atoms are examples of a.neutral ions b.positive ions c. negative ions d. polyatomic atoms?

Think about the question and each of the answers, particularly d) Polyatomic atoms. Even if I had no knowledge of chemistry, (d) would be the obvious answer. The question wants ions with MORE THAN ONE ATOM. Poly=Many/multiple, so 'polyatomic' quite literally means 'more than one atom'.

Do ions consist of more than one atom?

Some do, they are called polyatomic ions. Other atoms consist of a single atom. They are called monatomic ions.

What process changes atoms into ions?

The loss or gain of one or more electrons.

Do strong acids produced more hydroxide ions or hydrogen atoms?

no sorry :-(

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