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Which is older a model 15 or a model 52 j Stevens rifle?


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the stevens model 15 was made from 1936-1945,while the stevens model 52 was made from 1933-1937.


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it depends, savage manufactured the model 15 rifle from the mid 1930s all the way to the early 1970s, but they stopped calling it a stevens in 1950.

The only thing i could find on the Stevens model 15-A .22 rifle, i found one selling for $50 on auction. Is there any markings or serial numbers on the gun.

The 15-A rifles were first introduced in the year of 1938. The last model of the 15-A was made in the year of 1955.

It was manufactured by Savage/Stevens sometime between 1920 and 1948. THIS IS A MODEL 15, BOUGHT BY DAD, AND GAVE TO ME. I AM NOW 72

what can you tell me about the [ Stevens -savage 22 bolt action model 15

Your Stevens model 15A was produced from 1936-1945.

Magazine capacity is 15 cartridges, .22 Long Rifle.

your Stevens model 15 was made between 1936-1945 with 224,000 units being made.

your Stevens model 15-A was made from 1936-1945 with 224,000 being made.

The Springfield Model 15 was produced by The J. Stevens Company beginning in 1938. Intended as a boy's rifle (A low-caliber, easily used, rifle), it saw production into the early 40's when production tapered off on account of the war effort.

Start your search with numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the internet.

The Stevens model 15 favorite was made from 1915-1940.

You can find them at the website for gunpartscorp. It is part number 984040A. Look under S, then under Savage/ Stevens/ Springfield. It is a walnut replacement, and rather expensive.

Armalite Rifle model #15

The stevens model 15 was made from 1936 until 1971.

Its hard to say what the exact age and/or value would be. J. Stevens Arms Co. began producing the Model 15 springfield in 1938. It retailed in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue for $3.18. In really good condition it is probably worth about $100.

The singleshot Stevens 15A and 15B .22 rifles are worth %50 to $150, depending on the condition. The higher-end price seems to keep them sitting around for quite a while.

There may not be one. Federal law did not always require a serial number be present on a firearm. If that rifle was manufactured prior to the 60's, it may not have one.

I have seen Springfield Model 15s sell on the internet for between $60 and $85 dollars. These rifles originally sold for $3.19 in 1938 and into the $14 range by the late 50's. YMMV. Didn't Stevens stop production of this rifle in the early 40's?

15 long rifle--will only operate auto with lr ammo

Sorry, that seems to be a model umber for a basic .22 rifle SCOPE- value about $10

The magazine holds 15 Long Rifle CARTRIDGES.

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