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yellow bellied slider

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Q: Which is rarer a yellow bellied slider or a red ear slider?
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How can you tell how old a yellow bellied slider is?

A general age guess can be gained by simply looking at the size of the turtle. Yellow bellied and red ear sliders will reach approximately the size of a dinner plate when full grown.

Will a Red Ear Slider and a Yellow Belly turtle mate?

Yes, red eared sliders and yellow bellied slidersare both part of the slider family, so they are easy to cross breed. If you go to a pet shop, you will notice that most baby yellow bellied sliders have faint red 'ears' because they were interbred with red eared sliders.

Your red ear slider is not red?

My friend has 2 red eared sliders and they have red ears so that is why they are red eared slider and if there ear is orange they might just be young or been in the water it went away but mostly it just means they are young. My answer: That's completely natural if it's just orange, but if it's yellow, it's a yellow slider :)

What type of turtle has orange spots on it's head and yellow spots on it's front legs?

Probably a red ear slider

Do red ear slider turtles have to bask?

Yes red ear sliders have to bask because if they don't, the shell of the red ear slider will soften and he or she will be very sick and might die, and if your red ear slider does not bask, then just place he or she there with a UV light.

How many years can a red ear slider terrapin live?

The red ear slider terrapin lives up to 50 years

What types of turtles can a red ear slider mate with?

A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle, other than a Slider.

Does a red eared slider turtle have a voice?

Do red ear slider turtle have a voice

Can a full grown male red ear slider be put in the same tank as a baby red ear slider male?

I wouldn't recommend it.

Can a goldfish live with 2 red ear slider?

Red ear slider turtles will eat goldfish. This is a natural food source for the turtles.

Why would a yellow-ear slider open its mouth a lot?

Often, a turtle will keep its mouth open when it feels it needs to protect itself. Yellow-ear sliders will bite and their mouths are very dirty. Always wash your hands after handling your turtle.

Is red ear slider endangered?


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